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Oppo and OnePlus have been banned from selling smartphones in Germany, But why?

Two of the biggest names in smartphone manufacturing have been forced to suspend sales of their products in Germany following a court ruling. The two brands are non-other Oppo and OnePlus. It is reported that they will not be selling their future phones or smartwatches that use 4G and 5G technologies after a legal challenge from Nokia.

Remember that Oppo and OnePlus are just the same Powerhouses, although independent from each other. If you visit the websites for these brands pointed towards Germany, you’ll notice that they’re both pretty empty. For example, on Oppo’s website, there is no longer any section leading to the presentation of products, their characteristics, or even purchase links.

From the side of the German OnePlus website, everything still seems normal at first glance. But it is enough to search on the side of the online store, the smartphones section, to realize there is nothing more on that side.

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