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Better Create Than Never: How to Make Your Marketing Stand Out

There are adverts everywhere you look, from sponsored social media postings to TV commercials to billboards. Companies need to be more creative and innovative in their marketing if they want to succeed in today’s market. However, if they don’t get their message out there, they risk being ignored by their intended readers.

Here are some ways to differentiate your marketing from the competition and build true relationships with your target demographic.

Focus On Solutions 

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This is what most customers really want. And if people want your product, you’ve already done half of your marketing work. When a product or service is in high demand, it gets noticed quickly and often. Give the people you want to reach what they want or what they are interested in. Offer something that quickly says “I’m a problem solver” or “I’m a solution,” and people will notice your message.

Aim At Your Target Market

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Marketing that doesn’t reach the people it was meant to is called a waste, ineffective, or junk (as in “junk mail”). When marketing does reach its intended audience, it is called interesting, effective, and very efficient. The important thing is to give your target market something that they are interested in. If you’re an older person who likes classical music, a direct mail piece about the latest rock-and-roll bands’ new albums won’t work for you because you’re not in the target market for rock-and-roll music.

Tell A Story 

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When promoted effectively, a brand’s backstory can do wonders for recognition and loyalty. Customers will have more of a connection to your brand if they are aware of its history and how it rose to its current position in the market. To succeed, you must zero in on the values and principles that serve as the firm’s foundation. Developing a brand identity is challenging; take your time to focus on a positioning statement that encapsulates the spirit of your company.

Be Bold

Branding and marketing are areas where many companies are hesitant to take chances despite the potential for high returns. Try something new ideas such as using a webinar to your advantage or take a stand on an issue that divides the industry to give your brand a leg up in the marketplace. While taking such chances may drive away some potential clients, you can be certain that you will attract a more devoted following in the long run.

Show Your Human Side

Customers like being able to put a face to the company and a voice to the brand; showing them that actual people are answering their questions and addressing their concerns will endear them to you. This will set it apart from other companies that are less human in tone and instead rely on stock corporate replies in their communications. Putting effort into developing your brand’s identity and communicating with clients as though they were friends can pay off swiftly in the form of loyal, long-term connections. You can simply show your customers that you care by responding to their feedback on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

James Musoba
James Musoba
Studying Africa's startup and technology scene. I always look forward to discovering new exciting inventions and vibrant entrepreneurs.

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