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The African Gambling Scene – Get Updates on All the Best Betting Sites, Tips, Tricks, and More

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The Biggest Gambling Markets in Africa. BetZillion’s Expert Overview

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When talking about gambling at popular spots, the continent of Africa is not one that usually pops up on the list. However, that does not mean African countries do not support or are disinterested in betting activities. On the contrary, the gambling scene is rife in Africa. Whether you talk about the north or the south, the people there love their wagers and all the joy that gambling brings. That is why only new SA betting sites are coming up just now.

In this piece, Rebecca Martin, gambling expert and connoisseur, examines Africa’s online gambling and betting market. You can check out the various aspects of the African gambling market from legalities, rules, and more. You can also pick up some handy tips to ensure you choose only the most trustworthy and profitable SA betting sites available. Rebecca Martin discusses all these things with BetZillion so that you can easily take your pick from African gambling venues. See below to learn more about Africa’s online gambling and betting market.

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General Situation of African Gambling 

Africa has seen a vibrant change of attitudes toward gambling from the 17th century till today. Gambling in South Africa has seen endless restrictions imposed on the sport since 1673. Going a step further, three centuries later, the South African Gambling Act of 1965 entirely eradicated any form of gambling. However, placing bets on the sport of horse racing was still allowed legally. So you see, sports betting in Africa is not a new concept at all.  

In 1965, leaders of certain groups in South Africa – namely the Bophuthatswana, Ciskei, Transkei, and Venda tribes – decided to allow casino owners to establish a business on territories. The leaders of the Bantustan were the first in South Africa to sign a contract related to casinos with Holiday Inn and Southern Sun.

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Fast forward to 18 years later when the owner of the Southern Sun company,  Sol Kerzner, peddled off his shares. By the next seven years, Sol Kerzner acquired control of all 18 homeland gambling licenses in Africa. He then continued to set up the gambling enterprise of Sun International. 

With his unparalleled success, the South African government became concerned and moved forward with a tax plan. In exchange for accepting the strict tax charges, Kerner’s Sun International gained renown as the top gambling company in South Africa. The establishment also perpetuated a monopoly on the gambling market as it was the only enterprise in South Africa. It continued to hire mostly European workers to oversee casino operations until criticism rose against this move. Eventually, the organization chose to lean on the expansive African workforce to operate the casinos.

The South African government moved towards more democratic reforms in 1994, which opened and allowed for the legalization of gambling as a whole. In 1996, the National Gambling Act allowed national lotteries and licensed casinos to begin operations. However, the Act was repealed in 2004 by the existence of yet another newly formed Gambling Act. Finally, the government introduced the National Gambling Amendment Act in 2008.

The National Lottery of South Africa, managed by ITHUBA, was introduced on the 11th of March, 2000. The first day of releasing tickets to the public saw a sale of more than 800,000 tickets. So, as you see, the development of gambling in South Africa is rather recent. To this weekly draw came an additional supplementary weekly lottery. It was introduced in November 2003. One could buy the  Lotto Plus game on a primary ticket that cost a single South African Rand.

A few years later, the Gidani consortium stepped into its role as the operator of the National Lottery in 2007 for seven years. However, certain legal issues caused the consortium to lose its status for a few months. They regained their title in September of the same year. The next month, ticket sales resumed, with over  200,000 tickets sold in the first three hours.

The widespread usage of the internet also saw the rise of the online gambling and betting market. Online sites are well on their way to overtaking physical casinos. Let us look at the advantages of hitting online casinos in Africa. 

Advantages of Gambling Sites in Africa

Africa offers infinite opportunities for gamblers to get their buzz on. With various online gambling and betting market spots cropping up, bettors have an excellent chance to get on with the new sites. Therefore, Rebecca Martin has compiled a brief but comprehensive list of reasons why sports betting in Africa is where you want to spend your money.

  1. Convenience: Many African regions are not exactly conducive to a gaming environment. The arid and flaming hot temperatures and topsy turvy weather can cause intense discomfort, even sickness, among those unaccustomed to African climes. Online betting sites can alleviate such issues. You can participate in online betting events at your convenience.
  1. Safety: It is not very safe for gamblers to walk to their residence or a bank after a big win. With NA or SA betting sites, gamblers can easily access their winnings without worries. The online casino will deposit your money right into your bank account. You can make deposits or withdraw your money immediately.
  1. Time: SA betting sites offer more than a fair share of goods compared to other regional gambling sites. It is evidenced by the fact that African sites allow gamblers a lot of time to make their next move. Unlike at a traditional casino, bettors can choose to move their wagers at a pace that suits them. 
  1. Saves Money: Flying to Africa on a whim only to play at their casinos is impossible for many ardent gamblers. The costs associated with this venture are humongous. Many cannot bear the financial costs of travel and stay. Therefore, online sites are the only way, if not better, to get the complete experience of African gambling.
  1. Availability: One of the most significant advantages of the online gambling and betting market in Africa is that the establishments are open 24×7. You will not have to keep any business hours in mind if you want to place a wager. The lack of time constraints enables gamblers to play whenever they want. 
  1. Gaming Opportunities: If there is one thing that the African gambling market offers, it is a varied gaming experience. If you are into sports betting in Africa, you will find a whole array of sports; you will also find more games than you ever will at a traditional casino. Gambling sites in Africa always contain something for everybody.

Interesting Facts about Gambling in Africa

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Playing at online casinos has a variety of advantages. Moreover, there are many things that even the most ardent gamblers are unaware of when it comes to the betting scene in Africa. Rebecca Martin offers a detailed view of some of the most interesting facts about the African online gambling and betting market.

  1. Fantastic eGaming Opportunities

If you are into eGaming, then we have good news for you. South African casinos are well on their way to acquiring most of the eGaming opportunities in the region. Due to this process, you can expect the introduction of some new spectacular sports as well as the promotion of older games.

  1. Legalities are Still Questionable 

Although South African traditional casinos are still legally operating, eGaming is not allowed by law. The Gambling Act of 2004 is still in place, which can cause trouble for anyone who accesses online casinos. Unless the Interactive Gambling Act of 2008 is implemented, the problem will persist. Those who want to play in online casinos should check out the rules of the country as well as of the establishment.

  1. Online Casinos are Overtaking Physical Ones

Since South Africa fosters a friendly work environment from home, the online casino industry has flourished in the region. The eGaming industry has seen success, particularly in the Cape Town area. The projected earnings from online casinos in 2021 were already in the billions. 2022 will only see an uptick, both in users as well as revenue.

  1. Offshore Casinos Are Very Popular

Due to the ambiguous legalities surrounding gambling in South Africa, offshore casinos see a huge profit margin. It is from South African punters making a go at offshore locations rather than taking a risk with the current laws. Many gamblers hope the government will enforce the 2008 Act as soon as possible. 

  1. Banned Sites

Despite the potential for economic growth, many African countries continue to dissociate from the online gambling and betting market. Did you know that seven countries in Africa ban casinos from operating? Libya, Mauritania, Sudan, Guinea-Bissau, Burundi, Eritrea, and Somalia have laws to punish anyone who visits casinos. Tunisia, Algeria, Senegal, Egypt, Togo, Nigeria, The Central African Republic, and South Africa have restrictions and limitations on the gambling industry.

Popular Gambling Avenues in Africa

No matter the different restrictions operating in the various parts of the country, gambling continues to flourish in Africa. Sports betting in Africa has not slowed down due to the 2004 Gambling Act. Bettors continue to hit casinos where they are allowed, and online casinos are thriving throughout the country. Rebecca Martin has listed the top online casino games that South African gamblers favor on the site:

  • Slot Machines
  • Poker – Texas Hold ’em
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Sports Betting – Cricket, Football, Horse Racing, etc.
  • Live Casino

South Africa is the place to be if you are into any of these casino games. Go ahead and start betting today!

How to Find the Best Betting and Gambling Market in Africa? Expert’s Advice

Gambling in the African gambling market is one of the most pleasurable activities you could enjoy. However, you should choose only trustworthy websites that cater to your tastes. Rebecca Martin encourages gamblers to check out BetZillion with the list of online sites you can access. Remember to go for only new SA betting sites you know are trustworthy. You can link your bank account to any of these casinos without worry. Make deposits and take home your winnings today!

A Final Word

Gambling in Africa is quite different from your usual repertoire of playing in other countries. You need more than your standard bag of tricks to be able to take part in sports betting in Africa. You need to know the legal implications and repercussions of the law of the land where you play. With the stringency of African gambling laws, it is crucial for you as a gambler to constantly update yourself on the rules and policies.

When it comes to your safety, never take a risk. Always check whether it is licensed to operate, no matter how attractive the casino looks or what promos it offers. Moreover, if you want to play exclusively on SA betting sites, make sure that you choose only new SA betting sites. Avoid playing eGaming events in countries that ban the sport. You might fall into legal trouble if you are caught out.

Author’s Bio for Rebecca Martin

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Gambling expert Rebbecca Martin has years of experience in the gambling industry. She writes advisory pieces on gambling for BetZillion to help other gamblers. If you look at her articles, you can also become a gambling genius in no time!

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