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Best laptops to buy in  2022(For professionals and Students)

More than ever, the portable PC is taking over as the primary computing device in our homes, erasing the stationary tower and enabling a wider range of applications. There are several categories and traits, but the editorial team will help you locate the computer that suits your needs and budget.

Apple MacBook Air M2

There are indeed certain shortcomings in the MacBook Air M2, but thankfully they do not diminish how lovely the laptop is to use. Exceptionally effective, Apple’s new notebook outperforms competitors without a heat dissipation system, gains from a bigger, brighter screen, and relies on a dazzling keyboard and trackpad pair. Naturally, Apple is also concerned with the aesthetics of its product, which has just undergone a full makeover and is ranked highly among long-lasting gadgets.

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Huawei MateBook 16S

Huawei provides us with a very decent 16-inch laptop with the MateBook 16S, which has a more competitive starting price than the immediate competitors from Dell or HP. Despite some disagreement, the device provides a compelling display quality thanks to a large screen with smooth borders, highly reliable performance despite the lack of an extra dedicated graphics card, and excellent build quality.

Asus Zenbook 14 OLED

The Zenbook 14 OLED is unquestionably a wise purchase in the market for high-end ultraportables. With this new model, ASUS provides us with a machine built with significant consideration, able to fully use the Core i7-power 1260P’s without overheating and keeping a high level of autonomy (10 to 11 hours). A stunning OLED panel is also available that combines a 16:10 dimension perfect for office automation with a comfortable 90 Hz frequency for regular usage.

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Legion 5 Pro by Lenovo

The Lenovo Legion 5 Pro exhibits several features, but its autonomy is a fairly undesirable flaw for a gaming laptop (designed to be plugged in most of the time). It sports one of the nicest chassis we’ve seen in recent months, a model dissipation system, and substantial performance. The machine is finished off with a stunning QHD+ screen in a 16:10 format that easily beats what the competition has to offer in terms of both a purely visual experience and ease of everyday usage.

Galaxy Book 2 Pro from Samsung

There is no denying the Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360’s superiority as a convertible ultraportable. The gadget, which uses all of Samsung’s design and finishing expertise, may rely on its elegance and compactness to entice lovers of mobility. We can also credit it for having a wonderful touch OLED display, on which we can make as many notes as we want with the free S Pen Stylus. The performance of its Intel Alder Lake-P CPU helps to complete the picture of an ultraportable that soars but whose varnish, regrettably, breaks in a few places.

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