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iFixit: fixing your MacBook yourself is a tremendous hassle

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According to the renowned American repair website iFixit, Do It Yourself repair of the MacBook Pro M1 is a true obstacle course. In fact, one of its specialists questions if Apple actually wants to make its devices easier to fix.

Apple issued a repair kit for any MacBook Pro and Air with an M1 chip on August 23. This rental package comes all the tools, spare parts, and instructions required for the repair which of course must be paid for

Naturally, iFixit rushed to evaluate the company’s apple kit. Sam Goldheart took care of it and wrote a blog article about his experience that wasn’t very kind to Apple. Be aware that the website often treats the items from the Cupertino company quite leniently.

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Sam Goldheart needed to replace the battery in his 14-inch MacBook Pro, so Apple sent him with a 162-page handbook that had to be read in its entirety. This device’s battery replacement is more difficult than it would seem since you also need to change the upper case and keypad.

It is rare for a laptop’s battery to need to be completely disassembled in order to be replaced, but Apple does not presently provide a new battery for the 14-inch model. Naturally, this has an impact on the cost of the do-it-yourself repair: after the repair credit, the top case with battery costs well over $400.

“Apple presents repairers with an excruciating number of obstacles: read 162 pages of documentation without being intimidated and decide to do the repair anyway, pay an exorbitant amount for an exaggerated spare part, decide if you want to drop another $50 on the tools they recommend, and do the repair yourself within 14 days, including completing the system configuration to pair your part with your device. Which leads us to wonder if Apple really wants better repairability? “,

Sam Goldheart.
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