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The precursors to Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is an extremely exciting and entertaining sport due to its speed and its dynamism. Punters can go to the website 1xBet – all sport betting companies in Kenya have a complete section dedicated to this sport.

The modern version of the game is played over surfaces that are kept under the best possible conditions. Also, players use equipment that protects them from being hit by the ball and also from the collisions that usually happen between them. Right now, among all sports betting companies in Kenya, 1xBet is definitely the best one, and one of the reasons is that it has lots of wagers on this sport.

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Most modern sports can be grouped into larger categories. In the case of ice hockey, it belongs to the category of stick-and-ball games. There are plenty of other sports that belong to this broader category, and a live bet Kenya from can be made on many of them. Some examples of these kinds of disciplines include:

  • bandy;
  • field hockey;
  • and polo.

Even before Christian times, people wanted to entertain themselves with games played with some kind of stick and some kind of ball. Of course, these were not formal sports in the most strict sense of the word. They were simply pastimes designed to have fun. Making a live bet from 1xBet Kenya is indeed possible, and it can also be made on other disciplines that give plenty of fun to their followers.

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Cold territories

Having defined the concept of stick-and-ball games, now it is time to speak about the places where they were played with cold weather. There are many references to sports similar to modern ice hockey being played in cold places with a lot of snow like Scotland or Scandinavia. In the case of the modern game, the website can be visited to wager on lots of its matches.

People in Iceland and the Scandinavian peninsula played a game called “knattleikr”. This was a game where many people competed against each other. The winner was the individual who hit a certain object with the goal after hitting it the smallest possible number of times with the stick.

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Something similar was being played in what is now the United Kingdom. Other sports played in this part of the world can also be wagered on the 1xBet website. For example, there was a game similar to field hockey but played over frozen surfaces during winter.

But not everything happened in Europe. Among the First Nations in Canada, there was a game called “tooadijik”. This was also a game of this kind which was played on the frozen territories of this country. In general, the story of this sport is fascinating, and full books could be written about it.


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