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Is FamilyTime Shaping the Future of Parental Controls?

by Charlotte Ghemar
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Kids of the digital age are more dependent on technology and digital media than their parents. Even schoolwork requires the use of digital devices and the internet. With easy access to such privileges, kids may come across age-inappropriate or potentially harmful content. Consequently, the rising safety concerns of parents make parental control apps, like FamilyTime, a necessity for modern-age parenting.

The Need for Parental Control Apps and Modern-age Parenting

According to a study (conducted by Statista in 2020), only 48 percent of parents in the US were able to place limits on their kids’ video games. On the other hand, 16 percent more parents joined the fight to reduce screen time between 2019-2020.

Although these statistics paint a positive picture, it is still not enough to protect kids from the ever-increasing list of dangers (posed by the online world).

Parental control apps, such as FamilyTime, offer cutting-edge protection features to help parents shield their kids from all kinds of threats. Let’s explore how FamilyTime parental control app is shaping the future of parental controls.

Meet FamilyTime – The Future of Parental Control Apps!

FamilyTime introduces effortless parenting for the digital age. It is effective, easy-to-use, and the ultimate parenting aide to manage kids’ screen time, block indecent apps, track location, and more. Its impressive features are shaping the future of digital parenting, quite literally! Let’s explore how it helps protect kids from digital threats.

FamilyTime’s Role in Protecting Kids

It helps parents protect their kids from a myriad of digital dangers, including online grooming, sexual predators, cyberbullying, suicidal ideation, etc.  

Saving Lives

The app offers numerous life-saving features, including an SOS/Panic Button, Call & Text Message Monitoring, Location Tracking, Geofence, etc. These features could save your kids’ lives from digital and real-world threats.

For instance, in 2017, FamilyTime played a vital role in protecting a girl from a sexual predator. The parents used its Call & Text Message Monitoring tool to save their daughter. Several platforms covered that incident, including Washington Post.  

Preventing Technology Addiction

As absurd as it might sound, addiction to technology is real. Kids spend hours interacting with digital screens leading to excessive screen time. FamilyTime can help parents reduce kids’ screen time in more ways than one.

  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule

The Screen Time Limit feature helps parents specify the time kids can spend on their devices. It also allows them to limit time for individual apps. What’s more? With Screen Time Schedule, parents can customize their kids’ digital routine and define their homework hours, bedtime, playtime, etc.

  • Internet Filter & Schedule

The internet filter helps block inappropriate websites and content. Parents can also schedule their kids’ access to the internet. It means you can allow your kids to use the internet only during specific hours of the day.

Teaching Effective Time Management Skills

In the era of technology, effective time management is getting more cumbersome. However, FamilyTime lends a helping hand to parents who wish to instill time management skills in their kids.

With features like Bed Time, Time Bank, Fun Time, App Blocker, App Usage Report, etc., parents can formulate a healthy routine for their kids. They can help their kids sleep on time by creating a bedtime schedule, blocking distracting apps, and encouraging them to save their screen time efficiently.

Why Is FamilyTime the Best?

FamilyTime ranks among the best parental control apps for several reasons. Apart from its extensive array of features, FamilyTime is adored for its simplicity, affordability, and compatibility. Let me break it down for you.

Simplicity of Use

Using FamilyTime is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. It literally has a three-step installation process. Parents sign up for the app, install it on their devices, and begin managing their kids’ devices.

Affordable rates

You won’t have to worry about taking a tremendous amount out of your budget to protect your kids from unforeseen threats. FamilyTime offers four affordable payment plans ranging from $1.15 to $2.25 per month. You can also avail a 3-day free trial (with limited features) to test the waters.

Compatible with Android and iOS

Parents do not need to worry about FamilyTime’s compatibility. It works well with Android and iOS devices. Whether you are an Android lover or an iOS buff, it does not matter. You can easily monitor your kids’ activities without worrying about compatibility issues.

Final Thoughts

FamilyTime is the go-to solution for all modern-day parenting problems. It strives to help parents prevent the hazards of social media apps from befalling their kids. Therefore, it has introduced YouTube and TikTok Monitoring features so parents can keep an eye on their kids’ social media consumption. 

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