Best Cura Alternatives of 2022


Cura is widely used slicing software. This open-source and free software is developed by Ultimaker. One of the reasons for having numerous users of this software is that it is compatible with all desktop 3D printers and supports most file formats such as STL, 3MF, .OBJ etc.

The interface of this software is so easy that even a beginner finds it effortless to use. The third-party plugin can also be used by the professional. Cura users are widely spread worldwide, which may be why users do not know other such software. In this article, we will offer some best Cura alternatives that can help the user when in need.


SelfCAD combines 3D modeling, rendering, animation, and 3D slicing tools all under one program. The best feature of this software is that it’s a cloud-based and there is also a downloadable. With the online version, you can access the 3D slicer without having to download anything, and you only need an internet connection with and start working on your projects.

It’s easier to customize the 3D slicer settings like print quality, infill, supports, and materials for your favored print settings. SelfCAD is additionally compatible with most FDM 3D printers, so except if you have an extremely dubious machine, it ought to take care of you. If you are looking for the best 3D slicer that comes with a 3D modeling software, then SelfCAD is the best option.

  1. 3D Printer OS

3D Printer OS is one of the best Cura substitute as it is a unique cloud tool that allows the user to work on their designs from anywhere. The slicing component is integrated into the 3D printer OS, so there is no need to download it separately to your device. A part forms the slicing feature.

This software has many other essential features for 3D printing, and one of those is the repair app. That is why it is easy to manage files, machines, and users of 3D Printer OS. This software has three slicing apps: cloud slicer, slicer 2, and MakerBot slicer. This file supports numerous file formats and a 3D printer.

  • Idea maker

IdeaMaker slicing software was created by the 3D printer producer Raise3D. It was created explicitly for Raise3D 3D printers and is free but can also be used . The slicer centers around offering an easy-to-use administration: in just four ticks, you can set it up yourself. STL, OBJ, and .3MF documents are to be printed. Then again, assuming that you need a few further developed highlights, the product gives boundless customization.

IdeaMaker is currently viable with most FDM printers available and can likewise be utilized as a 3D printer at the broad stage. For instance, you can monitor numerous printing profiles flawlessly, switch between various print settings, and deal with continuous print work from a distance.

  • KISSlicer

Abbreviation for ‘Keep it Simple Slicer,’ this software is a quick cross-stage application that can get very modern, relying upon the rendition you pick. There is a free form reasonable for new users with a beginner level of knowledge; additionally, a pro version that the user can buy empowers multi-head printing.

Even though it is not difficult to utilize, KISSlicer fuses many progressed cutting highlights for $35 (business) or $25 (instructive). This 3D slicer is also compatible with all the 3D printers. Whether you are using a dual extruder 3D printer or just a normal FDM 3D printer, it can help you slice your designs and prepare them for  3D printing.

  • Repetier-Host

Repetier-Host is a slicer and control programming that is exceptionally popular inside the RepRap people group. It is additionally open-source and can be downloaded without paying a single penny.

Repetier-Host is an across-the-board arrangement that offers multi-extruder backing of up to 16 extruders – it can deal with various fibers and tones all the while so that you can envision the outcome before printing.

Repetier-Host as of now, incorporates four distinct slicers, Slic3r, Slic3r Prusa Edition, CuraEngine, and Skeinforge. However, you can incorporate some other slicers you need, which implies that this product works for practically FDM 3D printers like the dual extruder 3D printers. Finally, another intriguing component is that you can load or copy as many models that fit your assembler plate and print them at the same time.


5)  OctoPrint

OctoPrint is free and can be downloaded from the internet. This isn’t just a slicer. In addition to a web interface for your 3D printer, you can handle and screen every one of its exercises from your internet browser and handheld gadgets.

OctoPrint has an inherent slicer in light of the confided CuraEngine, so you can slice your design or model directly inside OctoPrint.

6)  Slic3r

Slic3r is completely free and open-source slicer software that the user can easily download from the internet. It works with 3D CAD documents and files, more specifically STL and.OBJ file format to convert them into G-code for the 3D printer.

In 2011, the RepRap people group brought it into the world to furnish the developing 3D printing innovation with an open and adaptable toolchain. Contrasted with different slicers, it is known for adding front-line highlights examined and tried by the local area.

One of its notable highlights is the mix of OctoPrint – records are cut on the client’s work area and can be straightforwardly transferred to OctoPrint for printing at the snap of a button.


Astro print is a cloud-based stage worked around a similar idea as 3DPrinterOS and OctoPrint. The stage incorporates a slicer yet additionally permits you to screen and control your 3D printer from any device that supports internet browsing features. It is utilized by over 85K individuals in 130+ nations.

The 3D slicer itself is exceptionally direct, as you can have two modes. In the straightforward model, the main thing you can pick is the material and the ideal quality before shipping the 3D printer. In the high-level mode, you can get tweaking to accomplish more prominent outcomes. As of late, AstroPrint reported that clients could pick a Cura cutting motor as their base slicer for every one of their prints!

Simplify 3D

This slicer programming has been created for professional users. It upholds almost all 3D printers. Simplify 3D has cooperated with 3D printing organizations in 30 nations to help more than 100 3D printer profiles. What’s more, on the off chance that your model isn’t on the rundown, it is genuinely simple to add it, meaning you don’t need to switch slicer programs at whatever point you print with another printer.

You will want to mimic your prints ahead of time with exceptionally practical pre-print re-enactment to recognize issues. The product naturally recommends where support material should be added. The backings split away effectively with no unique apparatuses or post-handling. It is $150 for a permit for up to 2 PCs.

IceSL– This software is not just a basic slicing software; IceSL manufacturer incorporates a 3D demonstrating instrument done through scripting with a Lua-supported language. A similar innovation empowers productive slicing and generation of 3D printer guidelines as per G-code, apart from the costly process of making a mesh.

At the same time, users also have the choice of downloading the IceSL-slicer, which centers solely around the slicing. From a similar organization, Slice Crafter is an internet-based adaptation of IceSL-slicer that has most of the features yet is less efficient than the software version. They have a scope of elements clarified in detail on their site.


There you have it! We’ve listed the best ten options for Cura for your perusal. We hope this article will come in handy to make an informed decision while looking for some specific alternative functionality of Cura for your business.