How To Easily Identify Fake AirPods


The most well-known wireless headphones in the world right now are AirPods.A few businesses have located the sweet spot and are selling fake AirPods on different shopping platforms. Both in terms of form and functionality

The later headphones resemble those made by Apple, but once worn, they fall short in audio quality and user experience compared to the Californian company’s products. We no longer track how many consumers these goods have duped, and Apple seems to have had enough of nefarious individuals using its name and fame for personal gain to tarnish its image.

The American company is going on the attack with iOS 16, the next significant upgrade to the iPhone operating system, by providing a modest and straightforward automated mechanism that will notify customers if the AirPods being linked are fake headphones.

A notice alerting the user to the dangers of using these headphones will show up on the smartphone screen after the Bluetooth connection has been established. A little “Learn more” button will direct you to a support website that explains how to locate your AirPods.

There will also be a “Do Not Connect” option to stop these headphones from connecting to iOS. Apple guarantees that this product will only function with imitation headphones that attempt to copy the connection protocol established by the company with its AirPods. It won’t affect earbuds and headphones made by independent producers.