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Five Best Slot Machines You Can Play Online

Top-end video games are getting bigger and better than ever before.

That’s perhaps demonstrated by the anticipation with which people await Grand Theft Auto VI; whilst there’s a huge level of excitement for the project, the fact its predecessor has been around for nine years underlines the scope of modern games. Imagine creating something so big, so vast and immersible, that gamers are still happy to fire it up a decade after it has been released. That’s Grand Theft Auto V for you, a game a vast majority of the 10 million global PlayStation owners will have enjoyed at some point.

The next ten years are certainly going to be exciting for gamers, and that’s evidenced in the online casino market as well. Grand View Research explains it’s expected to see an 11% CAGR until 2030, and that’s because not only of relaxing legislation but the improvement in games. Recent history has seen some awfully impressive growth and improvement in online casino gaming as well. It’s a given that the games in this category aren’t as big or complex as console titles. But with better graphics, a widespread focus on characters and settings, and simply better quality across the board, casino slots, in particular, have become bona fide online video games. Some are available to play for free, most can be played with real money, and the selection is more extensive than any one post could capture. But in this post, we’ll at least strive to identify 10 of the best titles in the category.

#1: Gonzo’s Quest

If there’s one high-end slot game you can expect to find at virtually every reputable casino site, this is the one. Gonzo’s Quest is a hit and is unofficially recognized as one of a handful of games that really brought slots to new heights. The game takes an ordinary slot reel and turns it into an adventure, through switch players follow a cartoonish little explorer through a lush rendering of South American wilderness in the Age of Exploration. The vague theme of an explorer hunting treasure works well as a backdrop to a casino game, but really it’s the comical little character of Gonzo and the animation style that set this game apart. It shows what a slot machine can be in 2021.

#2: Street Fighter II

It’s a constant delight for gamers that the old, classic fighter franchises just never seem to go away. Case in point, a brand new Mortal Kombat film was released in 2021, almost 30 years after the first game of the same name! In this case, we’re talking about Street Fighter, and specifically, Street Fighter II — arguably the most beloved game in the series and also made into a film. It’s been kept alive in numerous ways over the years and in this case, serves as the foundation for a slot machine that wonderfully captures the spirit of the original game. Anyone who loves the Street Fighter franchise will enjoy this game.

#3: Djinn Of Storms

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Djinn Of Storms is one of a number of vaguely Aladdin- or Arabian Nights-themed games that have popped up among the Gala Bingo slot reels of late, and it feels almost as if we have another Age Of The Gods situation on our hands. In this case, the games aren’t as closely related, but there are a number of them revolving around our common, heavily fictionalized image of ancient Arabian lands and adventures (complete with palace backgrounds reminiscent of Aladdin, genie lamp symbols, curved swords, and the like). They’re all quite fun to play, but Djinn Of Storms leads the way with wonderful music, beautiful symbols, and incredibly smooth gameplay.

#4: Dead Or Alive

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While it’s not quite as immersive, Dead Or Alive is somewhat similar in nature to Gonzo’s Quest. It welcomes you in with similar little characters, this time based on the cowboys and outlaws of the old American West. And once you’re in the game, you’re surrounded by backgrounds and symbols that further bring the “Wild West” to life. It’s a game we’d actually like to see expanded upon in later editions, but even as is, it’s rendered well enough to make the list.

#5: Vikings Go Berzerk

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