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Private Images With Billionaire Elon Musk Are Being Auctioned By His Ex From College

by Vanessa Waithera
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Private images with billionaire Elon Musk are being auctioned by his ex from college.

The first step we take to remove ourselves from our ex after a breakup is to get rid of any memories and other items connected to them. But what happens if you break up with a wealthy celebrity?

Then you can make a fortune by selling off their possessions. It appears to be a win-win situation. You may thank Elon Musk’s ex-girlfriend Jennifer Gwynne for this concept since she just auctioned off some keepsakes from their undergraduate romance.

While they were both in college, the richest man in the world allegedly dated Jennifer Gwynne.

While attending the University of Pennsylvania, their romance took off. They had their memories documented in images, just like other couples, to remember always. Returning to the present, Gwynne has auctioned off a collection of pictures and other memorabilia on the Boston-based website RR Auction. The two are no longer dating each other.

Along with a handwritten birthday card, and a gold necklace that Musk gave her, she also included about 18 candid images of Musk’s college years. Unseen photos of Musk from his younger years were also included in the pictures, showing him hanging out with pals, having fun in the dorm, and cuddling with Gwynne, who was then his girlfriend.

The jewellery, which is worth millions, was what piqued the interest of the bidders in addition to the pictures and the handwritten note.

The necklace is encrusted with emeralds from the Zambian mine and was originally owned by Musk’s father, Errol. According to a story by the Independent, Gwynne, who had a brief relationship with Musk in 1994, has decided to sell the items in order to generate money for her stepson’s college expenses.

It should be noted that RR Auction has previously listed keepsakes associated with famous businesspeople for sale on their website. Furthermore, it auctioned off Steve Jobs’ first Apple-1 prototype in August for a little under $680,000.

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