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How Instagram Isn’t As Bad As Many People  Think

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Social Media was, at first, one of the widespread improvements in the technology sector. The platforms paved the way for strangers to communicate with each despite how far they are, and the platform also served as a free entertainment hub where you could learn, discuss, and post your opinions.

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However, politicians, doctors, and, most significantly, parents have begun to express strong opposition to social media platforms and popular apps a few years ago.

Though there are many reasons they cite for their animosity towards social media, one of the main reasons is that social media is depleting intelligence and is stirring up hatred. 

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And, do you wonder which platform especially gets the most number of hatred votes?

Yes, you guessed it right, Instagram!

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Is Instagram so terrible, or do people exaggerate its negative aspects?

Allow us to present some facts on why Instagram isn’t as bad as many people believe, and why people are benefitting by becoming Mega famous on Instagram.

Why Is Instagram Perceived As A Toxic Social Media Platform?

Source: Unsplash

Instagram, a popular and rapidly growing social networking application that peaked during the pandemic and today has over 1 billion active users, with the number continuing to rise.

Not only the number of users but also the number of haters has just reached an all-time high.


Instagram is an insanely addictive application. Instagram’s clever algorithm recognizes what you want and displays it. Also, if you like anything, you can see similar content in the explore feed.

Not to mention the reels features, which have caused the user activity to rise even more. But believe us, the reasons mentioned above are not why Instagram is detested. People dislike the platform because it promotes ‘perfect’ and unrealistic lifestyles.

The ‘Perfect’ Lifestyle Clout Of Instagram

Source: Unsplash

Instagram is a fun and entertaining social networking platform with a diverse range of posts, stories, and reels. The captivating visual aesthetics of Instagram are one of the main reasons it has become one of the most used and renowned platforms. 

You can share images, reels, upload stories that will disappear in 24 hours, share your thoughts, and live chat with your fans if you have a large following.

Speaking of followers, Instagram is also the birthplace of the term, or profession, ‘influencers.’ 

Influencers are folks like you who share their talents, skills, or lifestyle with others, and if they like it, others will follow them. The benefit of having more users follow a user makes the content creator an influencer. 

When the number of followers grows, influencers will begin to receive brand promotions and advocate the sponsor products to their followers, who will be tempted to purchase them.

This is the main problem of Instagram.

Lifestyle, health, fashion, cosmetics, and skincare are just a few of the trendy influencer niches that the Instagram audience loves and despises. This is because these influencers present themselves and their lifestyles as flawless.

Whether they do it purposefully or unintentionally, which is a question we will probably never know the answer to, people who see their content are impacted by the ideal content and strive to be like them.

According to Statista, among the billions of active users, 30.2% of them are teenagers and young adults from 18-24. Teenagers are the main victims who fall prey to this whole ‘perfect’ lifestyle. 

As you may have seen, the majority of influencer content is of excellent quality. Everything about them is refined, from their skin to their fashion styles to fashion preferences, and we will naturally desire to live like them.

But, let’s face it, such lives aren’t for everyone.

However, some influencers imply a falsehood that they may attain sophisticated lives in a matter of days.

Though consciously, everybody knows that success is not possible at the early stage, the upcoming Gen Z generation is filled with people who want success instantly served on a plate. Thanks to the perfect content posted on Instagram, they want more and finally spiral into depression.

Body shaming is one of the infamous adverse effects of social media. According to Medical News Today, ‘Social media engagement with attractive peers increases negative state body image.’

Based on the reasons specified now, you probably know why Instagram is loathed by many.

Is the animosity, however, justified? No.

Why Instagram Is Not As Bad As You May Think.

Source: Unsplash

Though it is apparent that Instagram contains some toxic aspects that are far too appealing to avoid, data show that this is not the case. With approximately 1.21 billion active users, Instagram is expected to grow even more.

The growing popularity of Instagram implies that it has a lot of advantages. Among them are the following:

  1. Instagram Is An Excellent Place To Market Your Brands

Every top-tier brand has its own Instagram handle with millions of followers from fashion to technology fields. Tehresaon, why popular brands use Instagram is quite evident.  With the largest user base of any social media site, there is no better place to market your brands than Instagram.

Small businesses, startups, and sophisticated brands have achieved remarkable benefits by promoting their products and services on Instagram.

By releasing material regularly, marketers can establish a devoted consumer base and keep purchasing their services.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencers are, after celebrities, the most despised individuals. However, not everyone dislikes them, and influencer marketing is now a legitimate profession.

All you have to do is share your knowledge, and others who are interested in your content will support and follow you. Famous firms will seek you to market their items if you get lucky and gain more followers.

Isn’t it wonderful that you get compensated for sharing what you love?

  1. Intuitive Algorithm

Have you ever been down, and when you open the app, you’re greeted with a quote post that instantly lifts your spirits?

The system tracks your activities and displays relevant information, which is why your Explore feed is full of content you enjoy and will like.

This is a fantastic feature that keeps people engaged with the app. This is a fantastic feature that keeps users dedicated to this application.

The algorithm also assists content creators in sharing their content with a broader audience who will eventually become followers.

Though the algorithm is picky, you can pique the algorithm’s interest and enhance your following count.

  1. Instagram’s Aesthetics Are Unrivaled 

Instagram’s interface is visually appealing and artistic. You can easily navigate the application, post photographs, stories, and share reels. You may also use the app’s beautiful filters to make your posts more appealing.

Instagram is the ideal platform for sharing material, whether personal or professional.

  1. Get To Know New Trends

Instagram is where the most popular techniques and fashion trends are initially launched. Celebrities and influencers share their unique fashion with their fans so that you can receive inspiration for your look.

Experts in technology and finance provide information on the most recent news and developments in their domains. As a result, Instagram is far too valuable to be wholly avoided.

Final Words

Instagram may have flaws. But every social media application has its set of flaws, and compared to others, Instagram has relatively less animosity and hatred. 

Though some content may not be positive, the platform is getting better, and influencers are getting more candid about their lifestyles and finances. 

Instagram is filled with opportunities to express yourself and get exposed to the more practical knowledge, so when used well and properly, you will get more positivity and confidence through this platform.

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