iOS 16.0.2: The New Update Fixes  A Plethora Of Issues, Including Camera Problems on the iPhone 14 Pro


The new iPhone 14s has been out for a few days, and each one comes with a specific version of iOS 16. Of course, many Smartphones can upgrade to iOS 16, so it is not only for the newest Apple goods.

Apple had pledged to optimize an iOS 16 with a few minor, youthful flaws with a first rapid repair. With the release of a specific iOS 16.0.2, it has been completed for a short while. It takes about 210 MB to download this minor update.

As usual, the Apple-recommended update will include significant repairs and enhancements to the iPhone’s security. In addition, the update fixes a few problems, including one that was especially bothersome for the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Certain iPhones’ cameras were likely to vibrate, which might cause some third-party apps to snap blurry photographs. Similarly, it was probable that the screen would go dark while the gadget was configured. All of this belongs to the past.

The same holds for several pointless permission requests made during copy-paste operations and a VoiceOver problem that occurs upon restart. The iOS 16.0.2 update is also in charge of fixing a bug that can cause the touch screen on the iPhone X, XR, and 11 to be unresponsive.

It is sufficient to indicate that installing this new update is advised while awaiting the release of the first significant iOS 16.1 upgrade, which is anticipated for the end of October.