iOS 16: There is a flaw that might crash Apple Mail


Although Apple just released iOS version 16.0.2, an incredible flaw has been found on the side of the Apple Mail program. A single line of text delivered by email has the power to crash a program instantly after it is loaded.

The equinox firm examined several “spam”-type emails and found this problem. The iOS Mail app failed each time it was used after certain team members got identical spam. The cause of the issue is now clear.

As a result, the equinux teams have identified the issue’s root cause, and everything takes place at the “Sender” field level. So, for example, the email that might cause Mail to crash is shown as “” if a traditional field reads ” expé[email protected]. ” This issue is known as “Mailjack” because it can ban the user’s mail application.

As this kind of message is received in an email box connected to Apple Mail, it is impossible to restart the program since it will always crash when it launches. It should be noted that the issue affects iOS 16, iOS 16.0.1, and the iOS 16.1 beta that is presently being tested.

The only way to discover a fully working Apple Mail program is to use another application to remove the problematic email. Unfortunately, whether Apple will soon fix this minor issue in a future iOS release is still unknown.