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iPhone 14 Early Adopter Island Review

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Apple iPhone 14

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro pulled off new features with the latest release. Information was leaked about the company redesigning the front-facing camera and Face ID system into a pill-shaped cutout rather than the existing notch, but the new “Dynamic Island” alert system came as a surprise. The service provider further came up with a new camera system surpassing the existing photosystems.

In the United States, Apple’s diving in on eSIM, which no device producer has touched on. There’s also a unique satellite connectivity system although the service will come online later in the year

The island comes in place of Apple’s familiar and oft-reviled notch where the front camera and the Face ID system live since they’ve got to take up some space on the front of the display. It is different with it’s design of display meant to capture the user’s attention and is located lower on the screen than the notch. It also gives a high-contrast interface element if you run your phone in light mode: a black pill shape in the middle of a white screen. It’s animation and constant movement makes it visible at all time. It blends in better in dark mode.

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Several different status indicator systems have been added to iOS turning the discreet notch into a somewhat more obvious island. Plugging in a charger or flipping the mute switch brings up an overlay. Having a call in the background puts a green pill in the corner (an app that’s using location is a blue pill.)

Screen recording and personal hotspots have pill indicators on the other side. When connecting AirPods another overlay is also created. Timers and music playing in the background which haven’t had useful several different status indicator systems have been added to synchronize older status systems with a new home for system alerts and making it work for elements like music and the new live activities API that’s coming to iOS 16 later this year. The new activities will allow apps to share hotspots and more background infomation for things like flight status or a sports score.

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While in use the new feature sits over any app you’re using which is the main point of the iPhone. Tapping on the island switches you back to whatever app that controls the widget. You have to tap and hold to get the expanded widget shown in all the ads.

The island is highlighted by the animations which keep you looking at it all the time. In apps that haven’t been updated it can cover up some content because it sits lower on the display. Apple also built the hooks to make this feature available to third-party developers.

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The big feature of the iPhone 14 Pro camera system is the new 48-megapixel main camera sensor. Apple is however a few years late to this trend as Samsung has used 108-megapixel sensors since 2020’s S20 Ultand and Google added a 50-megapixel sensor to the Pixel 6 Pro last year. Apple has also updated the ultrawide and 3x telephoto cameras, but they remain the standard 12 megapixels, and the star of the show is certainly the new main sensor.

The iPhone 14 Pro and 13 Pro take similar photos as well as the ultrawide, which has a bigger sensor. Details from the ultrawide look a bit better compared to the 13 Pro, with keen comparison. The iPhone 14 Pro retails at $999 in the United States and is expected to go up.

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