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Microsoft announces a Surface event-Here Is what to expect

by Joseph Richard
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Alright, this September, we have witnessed many Smartphone launches, and everything has been on
point except for a few areas. Still, the spirit is the same; we expect more manufacturers to coney
their products sooner. In the coming weeks, Microsoft will host a Surface conference whereby we
hope to see the first Surface Pro with ARM architecture.

On October 12, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. Kenyan time, Microsoft invited us to a virtual event. This
conference will serve as an introduction to new Surface brand items. The speculations appeared
accurate when a few indiscretions stated such a possibility for mid-October.

At this stage, we can only make conjectures about the devices that will be revealed there. However,
what has been trending, mainly on this subject, is that the manufacturer will introduce a 9th
generation Surface Pro with a different size from the company’s most recent approach.

This year, the Surface Pro X will be discontinued in favour of the Surface Pro lineup. Therefore, the
Surface Pro 9 should be offered in various variants, one of which will use an ARM chip, as was the
case with the Surface Pro X, and the other will feature an Intel x86 processor, as is customary.
Furthermore, a fifth-generation Surface Laptop might be released. It has been the subject of
numerous publications, but the information that has reached us is conflicting, with some sources
referring to an AMD CPU and others to an Intel CPU.

It is also claimed that the Surface Studio 3 might be unveiled. Windows Central stated that an
update to the Surface Keyboard and Surface Pen peripherals and accessories would accompany it.
There is also a chance that Microsoft would launch a Surface Laptop for gaming boasting an NVIDIA
RTX 3000 series graphics card and a 12th generation Intel processor.

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