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The iPhone 14 Pro includes two different sorts of always-on screens

by Joseph Richard
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According to XDA, the iPhone 14 Pro includes two always-on screen modes, including one that is more recognizable to many Android users. Many Tech columnists have previously discussed the first mode in their YouTube videos

 in this mode, the screen’s brightness is reduced while the image on the screen is saved, and wallpapers and widgets are visible. You can black off the screen with the second mode. In the “Settings” — “Focus” — “Select focus mode” section, users can enable it.

It is comparable to Always on Display on Android-powered smartphones in this mode. The time, date, and weather will be shown in white writing on a black background. Yes, this mode is officially known as “focus mode” by Apple. After turning on this mode, unlike on Android phones, “Do not disturb” will always be shown at the bottom of the phone’s interface.

The refresh rate in screenless mode on the iPhone 14 Pro series can be as low as 1 Hz because it has an LTPO display, which uses exceptionally minimal power. Remember that the smartphone continues to use a significant amount of energy in the always-on mode, as was noticed by observers.

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