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The iPhone SE 4 will debut instead of the iPhone 14 mini

The tiny variant, which has been available in the manufacturer’s lineup for the last two years, was not included in Apple’s most recent release of iPhone 14 phones

According to widely accepted knowledge, the iPhone 14 mini’s failure to launch was caused by official projections for the sales of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini were not met.

Customers who like small-screen smartphones may, however, hold out until the next iteration of the iPhone SE is released. Mydrivers claims that the next iPhone SE will take the place of the iPhone 14 small and keep only one primary camera.

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A side fingerprint scanner will unlock the device simultaneously, reducing the size of the screen’s massive frame. The next iPhone SE will not have a Face ID feature and will not allow user face recognition.

According to the Chinese source, the upcoming iPhone SE 3 phone will still lack a screen with a fast refresh rate but will have the iconic display bangs for the front camera seen in prior generations. A $500 price tag is anticipated for the smartphone. It’s likely to be launched in the spring of next year.

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