Apple wants to build the new Car project team before end of this year


Rumours of the Apple car have been floating around for the longest time. Today, prominent Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo announced a new development regarding the long awaited electric vehicle (EV) .

Render of what the Apple may look like

According to his announcement via twitter, the analyst carried out a supplier survey and found that Apple is will form a new team for the Car project by the end of 2022.

The car project, dubbed Titan, began its life in 2014 when Apple formed a so-called shell company – SixtyEight Research – to actualize the idea. The company began its operations in California at the SG5 facility.

The endeavor is not without difficulties, such as teams leaving, project direction changing abruptly, and management changes. The COVID pandemic caused the project to stall, but Apple is reviving it. There have recently been new hires all currently being led by Apple’s VP of Technology Kevin Lynch, who took over after Doug Field left to join Ford. 

Apple is said to be weighing a number of different options for Project Titan, but its ambitious goal is to produce a fully self-driving EV without a steering wheel by 2025.

Will Apple actually pull off a fully autonomous car within that time frame? Only time wil l tell.