Apple has benefitted significantly from  the PC market’s drastically sales declines


The conventional PC market’s sales numbers are continuing on the decline. According to the International Data Corporation, 74.3 million PCs, laptops, and workstations were shipped globally in the third quarter of 2022 (Q3/2022) (IDC).

IDC claims that the uneven supply and the customers’ cooling demand both led to a fall of 15.0 percent from the prior year. Due to the impending end of support for Windows 7, industry experts estimate that personal computer delivery volumes will still be much greater than before the corona epidemic when commercial upgrades mostly drove PC shipments.

Still weak is consumer demand. Promotional efforts by Apple and other businesses have thwarted the trend, however.IDC claims that the manufacturers have already responded to the more inefficient request for PCs and lowered their orders for laptops and co from the contract makers.

source: IDC

The top 3 PC manufacturers in the world remain to be  Lenovo, HP Inc, and Dell, with a decline in  (-16.1%), (-27.8%), and (-21.2%), respectively. On the other hand IDC claims that Apple is aggressively breaking the present market trend of dropping PC sales numbers with a good growth of 40.2 percent in its Mac sales data. Something must be done.

Average selling prices (ASP) have increased for five consecutive quarters with rises in component and logistics costs, reaching the highest level since 2004 in Q1/2022 at USD 910. The ASP has decreased once again due to the waning demand.

Additionally, the market study by IDC indicates that the current shortfall has aggressively shifted the product mix towards the luxury sector.