Facebook: These 400 applications are attempting to get your Facebook login details


Facebook strongly advises users not to download apps from unofficial stores (i.e., those outside the Play Store or App Store), and they should also be wary of apps that depend on social network data.

There are so many apps that people widely use. The latest Meta-highlighted apps were, in fact, legitimately accessible via the Apple and Android app stores. Games, VPN services, or even business-oriented software may all be “masked” as picture editing tools.

These fraudulent programs can gain users’ confidence through an alluring coating and outstanding evaluations that the latter’s creators unmistakably create. Applications that demand you “link with Facebook” as soon as you launch them.

These includes:

Apex Race Game

 Video Converter Master

 Ad Manager for Social

 Best Fun Cam

Text Camera

 Bomb Master 3D

 Beauty Camera

 Bamboo VPN

 Perfect Puzzles

 Face Picture

 Super Tuber VPN

 Arts Photos

 Sketch CamPlus

 Life Run

 Sticker Maker Pro

 Cool Lock

 Rush Car 3D

You may find more of these applications here b.