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The Truth About Blockchain for Online Gambling 

Blockchain technology has introduced decentralized gambling, which is just a small fraction of its potential to change the world. The gambling industry is now using this technology in more areas than just payments, where we have Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As the technology forming the foundation of the intellectual property that is non-fungible tokens – NFTs, it’s easy to see how impactful blockchain will be in almost every aspect of life soon. The online gambling market is already immensely benefiting from the slashed costs of funding accounts at crypto casino sites, which is, in part, why we see so much growth in the number of such sites. 

This article explores how the gaming industry uses blockchain technology.

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A Brief Overview of Blockchain Technology  

A public blockchain is a digital record that stores data over transactions that happen in the online space. It stores all these encrypted blocks of data chained to form a single chronological ledger of transactions. This will form an immutable entry of digital assets that anyone can access, regardless of where people are in the world.

At the beginning, blockchain technology was synonymous with cryptocurrencies, but we have discovered how much more versatile it is. Now, you have it in the medical field, law, disrupting traditional financial systems, and gambling. They are even used for those online sites that have the smallests deposits. These days, you will find several the reviews of $10 deposit casino NZ sites listing cryptocurrencies in their banking methods and applying blockchain technology in some aspects of their management. Most of these minimum-deposit casino sites list cryptocurrencies among other payment options for gamers in New Zealand and other parts of the world in recognition of this currency’s deeper penetration, which has worked positively for them. 

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What does Decentralization Look Like in the Online Gambling Industry? 

Gaming relies on a level of trust where one’s winnings are left in the account until you have met the specific for a withdrawal transaction. Decentralization allows you to send virtual money into your wallet to give you full control of winnings and deposits. More research is needed in terms of how to make decentralization work even better, as well as handle the existing challenges with cryptos – such as price fluctuation, which is easily affected by the news surrounding it. 

Are there Decentralized Online Casinos in Operation? 

Yes, a few sites like DPLAY are fully detached and operating, and it’s only a matter of time before others follow suit. A player keen on provably fair game play will want to follow the events as they will dictate the future of betting. A recent development brings the matter to the attention of sportsbook fans as it explores online casino games that score big with football fans in some way. DecentralizedGaming Technologies S.V. launched Moonbet – (MBET), a sportsbook where Moonbet token holders will get 50% of the profits generated from the platform. This propagated system turns gamers into owners, a move that could start an exciting venture in an already popular industry. 

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Benefits of Blockchain in Gambling  

It offers several benefits to those playing on online platforms, whether in the usual cards or sports betting. Since it stores encrypted personal information and the history of an asset, you can count on the privacy of your content and information. This works positively for the betting platforms that adopt it, and we will show how these benefits trickle down here. 


This alone makes a site much-liked as it is one of the features that gamers value the most. Cryptos ensure that users do not have to give too much info that would give them away or expose them to fraudsters. This protection allows a user to use the internet for entertainment without worrying about someone defrauding them. 


Since all related records are immutable once entered into the blockchain, transparency is guaranteed in each transaction. The opportunity for illegal trading is reduced, and hacking is almost impossible. 


Users only need an email address to sign up at places such as Casino Classic 1 NZ aacording its reviews, which accepts cryptos, which is different from their counterparts that only take fiat money, especially considering the casino’s extremely low deposit. These sites will provide the chance to log in and fund your account so you can start immediately without other details that you may be uncomfortable sharing. 

Cost Effective

You don’t have to be driven to credit to gamble at a site that accepts cryptocurrency because the cost of doing business is quite low. The system’s main aim was to bring about transparency that comes in the form of reducing the charges of transfer from one person to the other. The main operators in BTC and other coins are the miners and exchanges that charge a small percentage for providing services on the platform, but the charges will always be a small fraction of what you pay to transfer fiat money. 

Application to Cryptocurrency and Gambling  

Over the last few years, major sites have started allowing players to send funds into their accounts through cryptos so they can instantly access their products. Fast adoption in the industry has been due to features like instant deposit that attract those that don’t want to wait too long to start enjoying wagering. 


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James Musoba
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