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Google Pixel 7 Pro’s Camera Emerges Top with Honor on DxOMark

by Terryanne Koech
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DxOMark ‘s recent in-depth analysis of the smartphone photographic sector has revealed the best camera phones. The winner emerged to be the Google Pixel 7 Pro which is new in the market which has managed to match the performance of the Honor Magic 4 Ultimate.

The phone was analyzed in detail at DxOMark and emerged top with an overall score of 147. The data from the analysis revealed that the camera of the Pixel 7 is especially recommended for photos of multiple people including friends and family, even in unfavorable light conditions, capturing the best skin color and tone.

The autofocus of the cameras is over the top and said to be excellent as it is able to capture the moment even in situations of movement. The zoom offers superb performance at all distances, both in ultra-wide and long-range.

Some of the challenges experienced are the presence of noise in low light conditions and minor loss of detail when trying to shoot with close zoom.

The front camera landed at number 3 with 142 points as it struggles to focus and losses details in low light conditions.

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