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NTSA Approves Four Companies To Operate As  Transport Network Companies In Kenya

by Milcah Lukhanyu
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 The National Transport and Safety Authority has approved  Uber, Bolt, Little Cab, and Yego Mobility as the only Transport Network Companies licensed to operate in Kenya after fully complying with licensing requirements.

Director General George Njao ,in a statement indicated that the four companies have been approved to operate as transport network companies in Kenya.

In carrying out its mandate and in line with the requirements of the NTSA Transport Network Companies , Drivers and Passenger Rules 2022, the following companies have been licensed to operate as transport network companies,” he said.

The Authority is mandated to harmonize the operations of the key road transport departments and help in effectively managing the road transport sub-sector .

Customers has raised concerns about their physical and financial safety as some taxi drivers took longer routes in a bid to charge more fares.

The authority then invited current and prospective Digital Hailing Companies seeking licenses as Transport Network Companies to submit their application by October 17.

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