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You May now play Flight Simulator inside the Flight Simulator Game

by Joseph Richard
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You may now play the game directly in the original Flight Simulator with Flight Simulator.

Flight Simulator 2020 was released on PC and the latest Xbox generation more than two years ago. Microsoft just released a brand-new update, enabling the American behemoth to commemorate the 40th anniversary of this 1982-born story.

An upgrade that makes it possible to fly brand-new aircraft, including gliders, without forgetting the option of boarding helicopters. However, this upgrade enables users to find a lovely and approachable slight wink with very little modification. We will explain.

The method for playing the previous Flight Simulator inside this one is a bit of a hidden Easter egg. It would help if you also boarded the DA62 aircraft to get started.

Just choose the subjective view and switch the ELT (the panel’s ON/OFF switch) command to that position. The onboard screen will then show a new screen, allowing the user to choose the game Flight Simulator of his choice! Keep in mind that these are the full versions of the various games.

In this manner, it is quite feasible to use outdated aerial simulation games while flying a DA62. Naturally, doing so will involve consenting to use the little dashboard already present in the DA62. Still, it must be said that the initiative is entertaining and enables you to commemorate the 40th anniversary of this license, as it should be, put it mildly.

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