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Google Ads Could Pose A Security Risk: Here’s Why You Should Be Wary of Them

We’ve all seen a lot of Google Ads lately, and clicking on them usually takes you to a shopping website or a product page that Google is selling based on your web activities.

However, there is a new type of Google Ads out there that can be hazardous to users and their computers in a different way. According to a new Microsoft security alert, hackers are using fake websites to distribute malware and ransomware disguised as Google Ads. The most concerning aspect of the Royal (DEV-0569) ransomware is that it masquerades as installers and updates for legitimate apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Teamviewer, and others.

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If that isn’t enough of a concern, Microsoft also mentions that if malware downloaders are launched in the system, they have the ability to disable security systems such as anti-virus apps, leaving the system vulnerable to further attacks. Additionally, the attacker now has the Machine permissions, giving them total access to the system and all data stored on it. In this security threat post, Microsoft provides additional information on the warning.

However, happily, Microsoft, which issued the warning, has already taken note of the problem and updated its Microsoft Defender security programme to aid in combating such malware and ransomware on Windows-based devices. Additionally, the business has added features to its Microsoft 365 software suite that enable customers to be warned about such dangers and even get them removed from the system. Microsoft has additionally offered security assistance through its Edge browser, and it claims that users can use the “network protection” option to thwart such assaults.

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Vanessa Waithera
Vanessa Waithera
Vanessa Waithera is a young writer from Daystar University. She has been a writer for 5 years and enjoys it as a hobby and passion. During her free time she enjoys nature walks, discoveries ,reading and takes pleasure in new challenges and experiences. Contact: [email protected]

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