Vodacom Tanzania and DSTV partner to launch the MyDStv mini app within the M-Pesa app


Tanzania’s digital, technology and communication company, Vodacom Tanzania has partnered with DSTV Tanzania to announce a ground-breaking collaboration allowing DSTV customers with smartphones to access the MyDStv App within the M-Pesa app giving them, yet another convenient channel to access and benefit from a wide range of DSTV services and offerings.

From its inception, the M-PESA App was created to simplify the way M-Pesa customers perform their day-to-day transactions; simplifying their user experience and empowering them to get more done, through their smartphones. To further enhance experience and connect to customers at different stages of their financial lifestyle, the Journey of the M-Pesa app as a SUPER App began. The aim was to make the M-Pesa Super App and ecosystem like Google Play store or App Store in which other apps can integrate and operate. With this, Vodacom has built a framework where partners can develop mini applications that are not only relevant but also cater to the day-to-day needs of customers; be it sports and entertainment, e-commerce, ticketing, travel and accommodation, credit and savings, and so forth; and, in return, gain access to one of Tanzania’s largest consumer bases.

Speaking at the launch event on behalf of the M-Pesa Director, Noel Mazoya, M-Pesa Marketing manager said “This partnership is revolutionary to both M-Pesa and DSTV customers because it offers them the convenience of seamlessly taking control of their DStv services through the M-Pesa App, especially now that we are heading into the World Cup season. This first of its kind offering is another milestone in Vodacom’s mission of digitizing Tanzania and changing lives through technology’

On his part, DSTV Head of Customer experience and Care – Davis Mihyo said ‘This collaboration with Vodacom M-Pesa opens doors to a variety of advantages our customers. Now DStv customers can not only easily take control of their DStv subscription through the M-Pesa App but they can also upgrade their packages, fix errors, and even enjoy live content through the M-Pesa App as they seamlessly enjoy premium DSTV content.

The reliability and simplicity that the M-Pesa app has showcased over the years continues empower consumers to take better control of their financial and Digital lifestyle in Tanzania. The partnership allows over 400 thousand M-Pesa app users to enjoy premium content from DStv and take charge of their viewing all in one App.

Simplicity and convenience all in one app, now fixing errors and paying for subscriptions has never been easier. In the digital age user experience has been a key metric for customer retention and most of it has been achieved with the help of these self-help channels, in this specific case the MyDStv App.