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Injection Molding in China-Plastic Mold Manufacturing in China

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In China, Philips employees founded Triple-c, an innovative mold maker and plastic injection molding manufacturer.

With the necessary savings on the molds and mass production, we either supply tooling for our mold factory in China or we supply molds (or molds) for plastic injection molded parts from China for your production in the USA, Canada, Germany, or the Netherlands (so-called export molds).

We have entered into a joint venture with a China injection molder company to combine the best of both worlds: Quality, expertise, and management from Western countries, as well as a Chinese injection molding, mold, and tooling factory.

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Deliveries can be made quickly via the airport or port of Shanghai or Ningbo because of its proximity to Shanghai. Within a few days, assembled or sprayed samples can be delivered to your country via FedEx or DHL express.

We assist you in creating molds for plastic products: We have more than 20 years of experience in product design for plastic products at Philips and our own company, C3.

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We can also support you in the following steps:

1.Design, engineering, and product development in 3D CAD from the beginning of your concept.

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2. Material choices and plastic knowledge.

3. CNC milling of ABS, PA, POM, or other plastics for rapid prototyping, plastics 

4. form plan/plan. 

Why would you choose Triple-c?

• We anticipate that in addition to being a Chinese executive factory,

• more assistance

• clearer and simpler communication in your native Dutch, German, or English language.

• extensive expertise and experience in the engineering of plastic products and materials.

• knowledge of two-component plastic injection molding.

• previous experience working with rubber, TPE, TPR, or TPO products.

 We can also help you with rapid prototyping or make prototypes for you.

• examples: various manufacturers of bicycles, plastic glasses, furniture, the maritime and sporting goods industries, electronics, the packaging and display industries, and bikes. Additionally, we supply numerous assembled items to the American market and multiple electronic enclosures to the European market.

Why China for injection molding and manufacturing: The benefits of manufacturing in China include:

• less money is spent than making plastic in the West.

• Faster design and design production, as well as quicker delivery of the first plastic samples, 30 to 50 percent less money spent on mold construction

• A wide range of finishing options and capacities:e.g., printing methods like tampo, silk screen, hot stamp, and sublimation.

• Quick and cost-effective manual assembly options.

• alternatives for packaging, such as cardboard boxes, blisters, or products from other businesses 

Why Choose Us?

1. We disclose costs and offer the original factory price.

There’re tons of enormous shape producers in China. However, they need to find a way to cost you the manufacturing plant! Because we are a medium-sized injection molding business, we can also offer lower prices. Compared to a large factory, our administrative costs are lower. Our ISO 9001-2008 certificate guarantees our quality and places us on par with more prominent manufacturers. Although it is common knowledge that molds made in China are much less expensive than those made in the United States or Europe, the cost of plastic injection molding can be higher because resin prices in China can be anywhere from 50 to 100 percent higher. However, China may have a significant advantage for custom plastic components with a low volume of 1,000-50,000 pieces

2. We focus on providing a single point of contact for businesses of all sizes.

Because we are a medium-sized custom injection mold and plastic injection molding business, we can also offer lower prices. Compared to a large factory, our administrative costs are lower. Our ISO 9001-2008 certification guarantees our quality and places us on par with more prominent manufacturers. Additionally, we can produce prints, paint components, and perform the internal assembly. This solution could save a lot of money!

3. Our Sales Manager has a lot of engineering experience.

Most organizations in China enlist salespeople to contact clients; they have learned English but have any form of designing experience; they will just forward client correspondences to shape producers and send clients some occasion wishes, yet will get a decent commission(3-5% of the form cost which the expense will be remembered for their citation). The sales manager and project manager roles will be handled by the Sales Managers assigned to your project. This ensures that effective communication and our high level of service are maintained throughout the process.

Why you should use CPIM for plastic injection molding.

Most people know that plastic molds from China are inexpensive, but the industry also has numerous horror stories. When mold making in China goes wrong, it usually goes wrong a lot; It can destroy a business.

We’ve been providing injection molding services for a long time, so we understand all of our customers’ concerns.

• Injection-molded parts that adhere to the original product design 

• Redesign solutions that can provide lower pricing

• High level of service and quality injection molds 

• Finding a company that can provide the original factory price

You can get the best of both worlds at CPIM: Our Western and Taiwanese engineers guarantee that our China plastic injection molds and plastic parts will be delivered on time and in full compliance with the highest mold quality standards.

Consider our services for plastic injection molding to be risk insurance: We remove every one of the dangers and migraines that you will, at some point or another, run into while attempting to work with Chinese plastic infusion-forming producers straightforwardly.

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