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Tesla Cybertruck to come with the Semi’s 1MW fast charger and a smaller 2 door version teased

by Dennis Mathu
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Elon Musk revealed new details about their upcoming Cybertruck pick-up truck while delivering the new Tesla Semi Truck.

According to Elon Musk, Tesla will finally enter the ultrafast EV charging era with the Cybertruck, as the electric pickup will be able to use Tesla’s brand new liquid-cooled 1MW V4 Supercharger system from the Semi, though he did not specify to what extent.

Elon added that the new Supercharger V4 system will support 1000V charging and that its connector will remain as elegant as the current V3 snake of a cable rather than resembling an elephant trunk.

This fast charging system is made possible by Tesla’s “immersion cooling technology”, the company’s Senior Manager of Semi Truck Engineering Dan Priestley explains the technology stating that “You’re actually immersing the conductor in the coolant… It means that we can really shove a lot of current in a very, very small place. So for those who have charged their cars at a V3 Supercharger and the cable’s nice and maneuverable, it’s the same thing here, but now we’re just shoving a megawatt through it instead,” he clarified.

In addition, a two-door Cybertruck design featured in the sketch at the Petersen Automotive Museum has received a lot of positive reactions from the Tesla community.

Musk was asked on Twitter if Tesla would consider producing a smaller version of the Cybertruck in the future. Musk responded positively, saying, “Long term, it probably makes sense to build a smaller Cybertruck as well.”

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