Top Tech Companies of 2022


Technology has progressively become a factor that many cannot live without in everyday life. Most companies that are founded each and every year, become reliant on tech software and institutions, which in turn allows conglomerate institutions to become even more popular than ever before. Whether it be e-commerce, software solutions, mobile and PC technology, some of the biggest names in the business have become the norm and therefore, are very much brands that we have come to recognise subconsciously.

Other tech institutions that are making it big for the moment include CSGO Gambling sites such as CSGOBook. Sites like these offer CSGO gamers the opportunity to gamble their skins with the chance of winning real money in the process. While gaming tech institutions are also getting quite popular, some of the biggest names in tech are taking the limelight even more so. Below is a list of some of the biggest names you can expect. 


Microsoft is one of the large contenders of the market at the moment, there is no doubt. With the software giant often being a part of most businesses in terms of PC software, Microsoft is in no way of slowing down, especially in light of their recent mergers within the gaming sector. For example, MS Office has become a huge factor of administrative lives, that there is no doubt, in addition to recent upgrades such as teams which work great towards business in light of the pandemic. It is pretty obvious that Microsoft will be here to stay, and with such a stable foundation for the present, we can continue to expect more things from the company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Ellen.


Apple is another tech institution that often needs no introduction. With a market value of 2.7 billion dollars, and almost 200,000 global employees, Apple is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Apple has been clever to expand its influence to more than just computer wearables, now they have phones, accessories and much more to their name, which have helped them to really hit high levels of market share in the years to pass. Many sources suggest that the branding power of Apple has become so broad that many subconsciously think of Apple to be the solution to tech queries, without ever having the need to conclude with research. A brand that operates with such large influence and trust, is a brand that will always remain and stay-that’s for sure.

Meta Platforms

Another great name in the industry is Meta. Meta was once known as Facebook, however in recent years, a rebrand was initiated so that current target segments of the market can see the brand as current and not something that has ‘seen its time’. In addition to this, founders of Meta wanted to emphasise the brand’s readiness and enthusiasm for the metaverse and augmented reality, which was further helping the brand resonate to the great picture of tech advancements and development.