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Apple car hits another bump, diluted features and launch delays

by Dennis Mathu
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Apple long awaited car dubbed “Project Titan” seems to have hit another bump. It will not only take a bit longer to launch but it will also come with diluted features.

According to Bloomberg, the car’s self-driving capabilities may be less ambitious than originally anticipated, and it may come a year later than projected.

While the car was reported to be fully autonomous, according to Bloomberg, the current automobile design will include more traditional car components such as a steering wheel and pedals. This new version won’t be fully autonomous it appears that users will only be allowed to use the self-driving features on highways.

The iPhone maker aims to power the car with a technological system called “Denali,” which would use a CPU as powerful as “approximately four of Apple’s highest-end Mac chips combined,” according to Bloomberg. Lidar and radar sensors will be used in Apple’s self-driving system.

As a consolation, Apple appears to have reduced the price of the automobile. Instead of charging more than $120,000, Apple intends to sell it for less than $100,000. However, instead of being released in 2025, the launch has been pushed further to 2026.

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