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Windows 11: File Explorer Suddenly Opening on Its Own?

by Joseph Richard
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Windows 11 22H2, the first major update for the operating system, was released in September and introduced several new features and bug fixes. However, as with any operating system, new bugs often crop up, and the latest one seems to affect the updated File Explorer.

The KB5019509 update introduced the much-anticipated ability to create tabs in File Explorer, a feature that is particularly useful for those who frequently search for multiple folders or files at the same time. However, some users have reported that the app has been opening randomly while they are using other programs, or even when it is not running. This unexpected behavior has been reported on the Feedback Hub, and it seems to occur both during navigation and during meetings on Zoom or while playing video games.

It is worth noting that Microsoft has not yet publicly acknowledged this issue, but according to Windows Latest, the company is aware of the problem and is working on a fix. While it can be frustrating to encounter bugs, it is important to remember that updates are released to improve the overall user experience and that issues are usually addressed in subsequent updates.

In addition to the File Explorer bug, there have been other small problems with the 22H2 update that have caused frustration among users. However, Microsoft has reportedly planned to release three major updates in 2023, with the first expected to arrive in February or March, the second in May, and the third in the fall. Despite the current issues, it is likely that these updates will address any remaining problems and continue to improve the user experience.

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