Apple Cancels iPhone SE 4 Release for 2024


The introduction of the iPhone SE 4, which was planned for the spring of 2024, was predicted to happen by renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo a few weeks ago. However, Kuo, who is well aware of the projects Apple is working on, issued a warning. The new iPhone SE won’t be released, at least not in 2019. This much is now definite.

Apple would be dissatisfied with the sales of its entry-level iPhone models, according to Kuo. Furthermore, the iPhones from the main series that is not a part of the Pro range are also impacted by this low level of consumer interest, not just the iPhone SE. Because of this, the iPhone Mini was dropped from the iPhone 14 series and replaced by the iPhone 14 Plus, which has also been a dud.

Additionally, Apple intended to update the iPhone SE’s look for the current generation, finally moving away from the iPhone 8 chassis used in the iPhone SE 2 and iPhone SE 3 in favor of a style that is similar to the iPhone XR. A change that would have led to a price increase, further decreasing the device’s appeal to the market segment that such a model was intended to reach.

Fortunately for Qualcomm

The decision to discontinue the iPhone SE 4, which would have already been shared with Apple’s suppliers, will directly affect the American group’s primary line. Indeed, the goal was to include the first modem created by Apple in this new iPhone SE. The corporation allegedly has concerns regarding the functioning of its internal modem; the iPhone SE 4 was intended to act as a life-size test before the modem’s adoption for the iPhone 16 series was decided upon.

As a result of the model’s cancellation, Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple won’t risk releasing the iPhone 16 with a modem whose quality it is unsure of. The analyst comes to the conclusion that Qualcomm, which will continue to provide Apple with all of the modems for its iPhone 16s, will benefit greatly from the discontinuation of the iPhone SE 4.