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Tesla reduces prices up to 20% in the US, Europe and China

Last year, Tesla was having a hard time keeping up with demand as supply chain shortages caused huge order backlogs. In a turn of events, towards the end of the year, manufacturing outpaced new orders. To mitigate that, Tesla is now reducing prices to entice customers to make new orders. The US, Europe and China are all getting deep discounts across most of the range. 

Tesla in December offered credits on the Model 3 and Model Y of $3,750 and later $7,500 for cars delivered before the end of the month. 

The automaker has now gone further and reduced prices of all their models, however, some publications are reporting that these new figures merely reverse several recent Tesla price increases, including one in June 2022 that set the Model Y’s base price at $67,000.

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Starting with Europe, using Germany as an example, the base version of Model 3 and Model Y are getting the deepest discounts, while the Long Range and Performance variants have their prices relatively unchanged as shown below. 

Model 3 €43,990 -12%

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Model 3 Long Range €53,990 -9%

Model 3 Performance €60,990 -4%

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Model Y €44,890 -17%

Model Y Long Range €54,990 -4%

Model Y Performance €64,990 -1%

In contrast with Europe, the US gets discounts covering all models including the the Model S and Model X.

Model 3 $43,990 -6%

Model 3 Performance $53,990 -14%

Model Y Long Range $52,990 -20%

Model Y Performance $56,990 -19%

Model S $94,990 -10%

Model S Plaid $114,990 -15%

Model X $109,990 -9%

Model X Plaid $119,990 -14%

Remember, on top of these discounts, customers in the US still qualify the EV tax credit. Model Y is now part of the qualifying cars with credits starting at $7,500 for the standard version.

China gets the highest price reductions with base Model 3 at 14%, while Model Y versions get between 10% and 13% off. 

Model 3 CNY 229,900 -14%

Model 3 Performance CNY 329,,900 -6%

Model Y CNY 259,900 -10%

Model Y Long Range CNY 309,900 -13%

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Dennis Mathu
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