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OPPO launches its first Bluetooth audio chip

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OPPO has launched its Bluetooth audio SoC chip the Marisilicon Y officially announced at the OPPO INNO DAY 2022. The audio chip brings on board cutting-edge N6RF process technology designed to kickstart a new generation of wireless audio experiences.

OPPO says, ”Following years of investment in audio technology, the arrival of MariSilicon Y and its dedicated on-device computing power enables us to offer users next-level lossless and wireless audio together with a personalized, immersive listening experience across OPPO devices.”

MariSilicon Y features

It supports a data rate of up to 12Mbps on the physical layer and comes equipped with exclusive URLC codec technology to deliver an unprecedented 24-bit/192 kHz, ultra-clear lossless audio experience through Bluetooth.

MariSilicon Y also includes a dedicated NPU with up to 590 GOPS on-device computing power capable of supporting a brand-new, smart, spatial audio experience. Built on expertise and experience in audio, MariSilicon Y is designed to kick-start a new
generation of wireless audio experiences by exploring two main directions:
Wireless and lossless: solving key drawbacks of today’s Bluetooth audio devices to deliver best-in-class, lossless audio quality over a wireless connection.
Computational audio: enabling powerful audio computing capabilities for even more possibilities in fresh, immersive, and personalized listening experiences.

Based on this ultra-power-efficient foundation, MariSilicon Y enables users to enjoy true 24-bit/192 kHz ultra-clear lossless audio over Bluetooth. As the same audio quality found on digital masters, 24-bit/192 kHz represents the highest quality digital audio available and contains about 6.5x the amount of sound information of conventional CDs, offering richer and more detailed sound.

To realize this unprecedented 24-bit/192 kHz ultra-clear lossless audio via Bluetooth, MariSilicon Y has introduced a brand-new, self-developed Pro Bluetooth Pack — the first of its kind to deliver ultra-clear lossless audio via Bluetooth. This complete solution combines a massively enhanced Bluetooth data rate with OPPO’s exclusive codec technology to deliver fast and seamless wireless connectivity.

Currently, the data transmission capabilities of standard Bluetooth protocols are simply not enough for the needs of ultra-clear lossless audio. So on MariSilicon Y, OPPO has upped this by a massive 50% compared with mainstream Bluetooth SoCs, supporting a data rate of up to 12Mbps on the physical layer (theoretical data). This is the first time that such a Bluetooth data rate has been realized in this way.

As the brand works towards its vision for an intelligent, connected world, it is exploring better ways to solve current problems and break technological bottlenecks. Through this exploration, OPPO has taken steady steps toward the development of innovations that are fundamental to smart device experiences.

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