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Xiaomi’s first-ever electric vehicle spotted testing with CEO and team

Xiaomi has been hard at work to actualize its first electric car. After investing $1.5 billion in 2021 to its car division, the results are starting to show with its first car code named Modena spotted testing in snowy environments.

The images are from Mongolia, which provides ideal conditions for extreme weather testing, with snow and freezing temperatures all day and night. Cold weather has a negative impact on the battery performance of electric vehicles, and the company is most likely testing that scenario, as well as car handling on snowy roads.

The vehicles in the photos appear to be finished and are most likely “production intent” units, implying that the forecasted 2024 launch date is very likely. The photos also show the Xiaomi Modena’s aerodynamic shape, which includes a long hood and a swooping roofline that drops gently towards the back. Exterior features such as retractable door handles and LiDAR sensors on the roof are also expected.

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According to Chinese media, Xiaomi Billionaire CEO Lei Jun has personally joined the test drivers and is participating in the winter testing in Mongolia.

According to reports, the Xiaomi Modena will be available in three variants. The two entry-level models will be powered by BYD LFP “blade” batteries, while the top trim will be powered by the latest CATL Qilin battery pack.

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