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Apple’s releases Car Key Test app on App Store, more vehicles to be compatible

by Dennis Mathu
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Apple’s Car Key feature was first announced in July 2020 as a way to unlock your car using your iPhone’s Wallet app. However, the feature has been limited in availability and has only recently been extended beyond certain BMW vehicles.

This week, Apple released a new “Car Keys Tests” app on the App Store, which could be a sign that the company is speeding up the adoption of Car Keys.

According to sources, the new Car Key Tests app was added to the App Store, however, it is distributed through Apple’s developer account, so it is currently not listed. This means you can only get to it through a direct link, you won’t find it by searching in the App Store. 

Apple further explains that the app allows manufacturers to “test and validate” requirements for the Car Key certification process via its Made-For-iPhone program.

The actual description is as follows, “For use by MFi Licensees only. Use the Car Keys Tests app to test and validate connection, performance, and other key requirements for the certification process of the vehicles you develop that incorporate Apple digital car keys technology. For more information about Car Keys certification, visit the MFi Portal at “

The app listing doesn’t provide any additional information about the Car Key feature, but it does imply that Apple is collaborating with more manufacturers and developers to bring digital car keys technology to more models.

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