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Volkswagen to use recycled materials in its entire electric vehicle lineup

by Dennis Mathu
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VW (Volkswagen) ID. Buzz vans have only recently become available in Europe and the United States, with the latter receiving the new long-wheelbase version. This van was the first to use recycled materials in the VW electric vehicle series, however, the automaker announced the rest of the portfolio will soon follow suit.

Introducing electric vehicles to save the environment and then manufacturing them in traditional methods and materials makes little sense, hence VW’s new direction shows their dedication to a carbon neutral future. Many recycled materials have been used in the ID Buzz models, including the headlining, carpets, seat covers, underbody panels, as well as various parts of the interior panels.

VW is particularly proud of its Seaqual yarn, which is composed of 10% marine debris and the remaining 90% recycled PES yarn. Seaqual production is also more environmentally friendly, with CO2 emissions reduced by 32%.

The seat covers are made of ArtVelours Eco, which is made up of 71% recycled materials. The headlining and carpets are made entirely of recycled polyester. According to the company, each ID.Buzz interior requires 63 recycled 500ml PET bottles.

Using recycled materials is just one of many steps VW is taking to become a carbon-neutral company. The goal is to reduce carbon emissions per vehicle by 40% by the end of 2030.The big ZERO target will be tough to achieve but VW is confident it can do it by 2050.

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