Tesla achieves Model Y production milestone at Giga Berlin


The Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin has passed a major milestone. According to a recent announcement from Giga Berlin’s official social media account for Europe, the electric vehicle manufacturer successfully produced 4,000 Model Y in one week.

Quick marks puts Giga Berlin’s production a rate at 208,000 Model Ys per year. Last year, the plant reached a few milestones, including achieving a weekly production rate of 3,000 vehicles in December. It fell short of the target of 4,000 vehicles per week by the end of 2022, but it was still a significant accomplishment in light of supply chain issues, shortages, and related delays.

Tesla’s German Gigafactory is approaching its intended production capacity. The factory opened in 2021, and Tesla considers it to be operating at full capacity when 5,000 Model Y vehicles leave the assembly line each week.

Only a few weeks apart, Gigafactory Berlin and Giga Texas opened their doors. This suggests that Giga Texas’ vehicle production will soon reach 4,000 Model Y per week too. That is close to half a million cars per year from the two plants alone. 

Due to scheduling issues, the company abruptly changed its expansion plans for battery manufacturing in Berlin late last year. The plan, however, is scheduled to be implemented in the future.

In related reports, Tesla is expected to make a major announcement at the upcoming Investor Day this week. The scheduling of the event couldn’t be better as Tesla shares are on the upward trend, effectively propelling Elon Musk to the very top of the list of World’s richest person. Let’s wait and see what other surprises they have in store in the event happening  tomorrow.