Xiaomi Digital Car Key announced in partnership with BMW


Xiaomi’s Digital Car Key feature that was under development has finally been announced. The feature was developed in collaboration between Xiaomi and BMW.

The announcement comes just days after Apple released its Car Key Test app, which manufacturers can use to optimize their vehicles for use with the digital key feature in iPhones. Both Xiaomi and Apple, by coincidence, had BMW as their first supported car brand.

At this year’s MWC in Barcelona, a representative stated that Xiaomi’s digital auto key would be available to owners of select BMW vehicles beginning in the second quarter of this year.

You can use the digital key to lock, unlock, and even start your vehicle. This option is useful if you need to lend your car to someone. Instead of handing over your physical car key, simply share your digital car key with them. It’s also great for people who frequently misplace their keys or forget where they’ve put them. The car key is compatible with Google Wallet as well as other platforms.

The Xiaomi digital auto key has been enhanced in terms of security. It uses encryption technology, for example, to prevent unauthorized vehicle access. This means that only the authorized user can unlock the vehicle, which reduces the risk of theft or break-ins. Furthermore, if the smartphone is lost or stolen, the digital key can be deactivated remotely, guaranteeing that the car stays secure.