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Cameroonian Gajo Livestock app launches to bring organic and quality livestock products online

Cameroonian Gajo Livestock app launches to bring organic and quality livestock products online in a bid to revolutionize the livestock sector in Africa.

 “Africa must adjust to the digital context, while respecting her traditions,” said Cameroonian Ngassa D. Fotso, the young founder and CEO of Gajo Livestock. “Some unavoidable factors such as climate change, the spread of some diseases, and the increasing use of technology in agriculture contribute to the decrease in the number of farmers.”

Fotso says Gajo Livestock guarantees the supply of the best quality products, within everyone’s reach. The first gain of this start-up remains the satisfaction of the breeder, who must find his way by selling his product; and earn enough from his work. 

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 The app also helps the consumer to no longer suffer from rising prices and being taken advantage of by unscrupulous dealers and marketers who take advantage of breeders and of the consumer in order to get rich. 

In addition to that, many African countries are experiencing rapid population growth, which puts pressure on available land and resources. Many young people choose to go into other types of employments in the cities; rather than into agriculture; putting ever more pressure on this sector.  

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The young start-up is seeking to disrupt this field, digitizing everything to the benefit of these traditional professions. Knowing the difficulties that exist in the fisheries and breeding sector, the Gajo Livestock application was developed with the aim of improving and supporting breeders in order to make them known and bring them to understand the different channels to better sell their products.

 The platform aims to make it possible to promote short circuits, with a more direct link between producers and consumers.  

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Indeed, the current system involves ever more intermediaries who sometimes become richer than the breeders themselves; with also a risk of expiry of feed, and which implies a higher price for the final buyer, who thus sees an increase of the price of food on his plate. 

James Musoba
James Musoba
Studying Africa's startup and technology scene. I always look forward to discovering new exciting inventions and vibrant entrepreneurs.

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