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Is Product Design The Same As UX Design?

UX and product design positions may seem to be interchangeable due to similar-sounding job descriptions. Each, however, has certain functions and responsibilities. 

In addition, positions might vary from one organization to another. Some businesses could anticipate that their UX designers would be deeply involved in operational procedures or that their web design company for hire will focus only on design.[1] 

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Can’t help with deciding? Don’t worry too much! This guide will provide you with all the information you want on these different roles and assist you in deciding which would be the ideal career route for you.

Major Contrasts And Similarities Between UX and Product Designers

UX design focuses on the consumer journey when using a product, whereas product design is primarily concerned with the complete design process for an item or service.

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While there may be some overlap in the creation of products, there are subtle differences between the two notions. Understanding each notion is the first step to seeing their minute variances and parallels.

Product Design

The design process is where product design is first developed. Product design teams now include the production of digital goods and services in addition to the actual things they were originally used to describe.

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To satisfy both customers’ wants and commercial objectives, product design uses the design thinking process, which enables businesses to continuously produce effective products.

UX Design

UX design is a relatively new concept compared to product development, and it has existed for a while.

The goal of UX design is to guarantee that a system, service, or product satisfies user demands. A UX designer promotes consumers via the design thought process and seeks to comprehend the whole user experience as they engage with the product.


Product DesignUX
Identify Product ObjectivesTurn Leads Into Present Customers
Design Roadmaps Increase Client Satisfaction
Release Profitable ProductsEncourage Customer Loyalty
Continue To Make A Thing DesirableMaintain Current Clients

Similarities and Differences: Product Design and UX Design

Here are some similarities and differences between product and UX design so you can have a better understanding of each profession.


The following are the key similarities between the work of a product designer and a UX designer:

Both depend upon the design concept methodology to produce goods that address user issues, enhance user experiences, and close market gaps.

Both may use the same method and establish a set of UX technologies to achieve their objectives. For instance, during the early phases of the method of design thinking, a UX  team and a product design team may undertake user interactions and competition research to obtain ideas. 

Another illustration is the fact that both fields profit from a similar set of tools, such as platforms for user testing and wireframes.


The following are the main differences between a product and a user experience designer:

While UX designers frequently concentrate on the user experience, product designers frequently have a business-oriented mindset. Even though both jobs are crucial to a product’s success, their goals are slightly different.

In design teams, product designers often function as generalists and are capable of taking the reins throughout the design phase. This contrasts with the UX designers’ more constrained emphasis.

In other words, the design process is more comprehensive. From a commercial standpoint, product designers consider the product. They focus more on stakeholder demands, industry trends, and rivals.

UX design, on the other hand, is more concerned with a product’s usability and utility. UX designers focus more on customer experiences within the product and view it from the user’s point of view.

This does not, however, imply that product designers or UX designers are not mindful of corporate goals or consumers’ demands. Together, the two sorts of designers may make sure that a product is marketable and aid in corporate expansion.

Which Role For You?

Choosing between the two positions varies as to whether you are interested in being more involved in the business side of creating and marketing a brand (product design) or would rather focus on how people interact with the brand (UX design).

Being a product designer has several benefits, one of which is the increased opportunity for innovation. UX designers are essential in raising consumer happiness, meanwhile.

James Musoba
James Musoba
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