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How to Cancel a Bet in Betika

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Betika is one of the leading online sports betting companies in Kenya. Established in 2015, Betika has quickly become a household name, providing customers with safe and secure access to a wide range of online gambling services. Betika offers a variety of ways to bet including virtual games, pre-match bets, live betting and Lucky 6. With its user-friendly interface, Betika makes it easy for customers to place bets on their favorite teams or sports. In addition to sports betting, customers can also use the platform to participate in various lotto draws as well as other promotions and bonuses.

When it comes to cancelling bets placed on Betika, customers are able to do so with ease by accessing their account page. Once logged in, they can locate the “Cancel” option and select it from the options presented. Once selected, the customer will be asked to confirm their decision before the cancellation process is completed and their bet is removed from the system. If a customer does not wish to cancel an entire bet but simply wishes to alter it instead, they can do so by clicking on “Edit” which gives them access to options like Pick 3 or Pick 4 selections as well as odds level changes for individual match events.

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Cancellation Options

The first step in cancelling a bet is to decide which option you would like to use. Betika offers two different options for cancellation – either cancel the individual bet or cancel all bets placed in that particular session. If you choose to cancel all bets, then every bet placed during that session will be cancelled and not just the one you are attempting to cancel. 

How To Cancel an Individual Bet

Canceling a bet in Betika is a relatively simple process. To begin, log into your account and locate the “My Bets” section. Here, you will find all of the bets that you have placed that are still open. Select the bet you would like to cancel and click on the “Cancel” button associated with it.

In some cases, your request may not be approved if Betika has already begun processing it or if the betting market has closed. If your bet cannot be canceled, you will be notified immediately on-screen and by email.

It is important to note that when canceling an individual bet within a multiple bet slip, only the bet selected for cancellation will be removed from the overall package of bets – all other bets on the same slip will stay active. When cancelling an individual bet, no bonus points are returned as part of this process.

Furthermore, any bonus points used to place a bet can only be refunded up to two hours after the placement of said wager – after this time period, bonus points cannot be recovered regardless of whether or not a wager was cancelled or won and lost. 

It is also important to remember that Betika reserves the right to revoke invalid winnings caused by erroneous odds information or any technical glitches which may occur at any time until they have been properly resolved and/or investigated by their team of professionals. As such, winnings may thus be cancelled at any given time before they have been credited to customer accounts.

By following these steps and keeping in mind these important details regarding cancellation policies within Betika’s system, users should have no problem cancelling their individual bets whenever necessary!


If your cancellation request is successful, then any stake amount connected with your cancelled bet will be refunded back into your betting account within 24 hours of cancellation being requested (and confirmed). Any rewards or winnings associated with the original cancelled bet however, will not be refunded as part of this process. 


Cancelling a bet on Betika is quick and easy – simply decide whether you want to cancel an individual bet or multiple bets from the same session, log into your account via the website or mobile app and select “My Bets” followed by clicking “Cancel” next to the bet/bets that need cancelling. In most cases, refunds should arrive back into your account within 24 hours of submitting your request!

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