India’s MiCLIENT to Participate at GITEX Africa 2023


MiCLIENT,an indian-based  sales automation platform has announced its participation in GITEX Africa 2023, one of the largest technology exhibitions in Africa. The company will be showcasing its latest product, MiClient 2.0, which is a new version of their existing solution.

MiClient 2.0 comes with new features and advanced functionalities such as lead management, quotation lifecycle management, client interaction portal, contract signer, contract lifecycle management, and advanced pricing. MiCLIENT’s presence at GITEX Africa 2023 is driven by the aim to connect with potential customers, investors, and partners in Africa, and demonstrate how their solution can empower businesses and their sales operations.

 “MiClient is hoping to connect with industry experts and thought leaders to gain insights into the latest trends and developments in the African technology.” Says CA Swati Sharma, CEO of MiCLIENT.

MiClient is a deal closure platform which was founded by experienced sales leaders who recognized the need for a new generation of sales solutions to address the rapid changes brought on by the evolution of digital buyers and sellers. The platform helps sales teams manage their pipeline, create proposals, send and co-review deals with customers, close contracts, and collect payments through our unified deal closure platform

Africa is a continent with a growing economy and a large population, offering significant business opportunities for industries. With the rise of e-commerce and increasing adoption of technology in Africa, businesses can benefit from sales automation software to manage their sales processes more efficiently and effectively. MiCLIENT’s solution is built to help businesses automate their sales processes, increase efficiency, and drive growth.

Africa’s growing economy, diverse population, and increasing adoption of technology provide opportunities for sales automation software providers like MICLIENT to expand their business and cater to the needs of African businesses and customers. MiCLIENT solution is built to help businesses automate their sales processes, increase efficiency, and drive growth.

They are also looking forward to networking with other technology companies and startups in Africa with the goal of forging strategic partnerships and collaborations that can drive growth and innovation.

GITEX Africa 2023, known for its focus on showcasing the latest technological innovations and solutions, provides an ideal platform for MiCLIENT to highlight its sales solution to a diverse audience of technology enthusiasts, business leaders, and industry experts.

“We participated in GITEX Dubai last year and it was a great and it is our expectation that GITEX Africa will bring equal amount of opportunities for MiCLIENT.” Says Chandan K Ghosh, CTO MiCLIENT.