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The best rain repellents of 2023

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Driving in the UK’s famously damp weather can prove a tad dangerous at times for a variety of reasons. One of the most annoying things about the damp condition is the rain.

Of course, if you keep your windscreen wipers in tip-top condition the rain shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but rain repellent should make your windows even clearer.

In fact, a new set of windscreen wipers and some fresh rain repellent is among the cheapest ways to spruce up your second hand cars for sale if you’re looking to get rid.

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What is rain repellent?

It’s a solution you apply to your glass to create a hydrophobic layer. This makes it harder for rain and random debris to stick to the glass. Some last weeks, while others last months.

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Choosing the correct one is essential as cheap ones can smear glass, making this worse.

Why use rain repellent?

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Not only is it better for visibility, but it can also help prolong the life of wiper blades. Most quality rain repellents even make winter mornings better – because ice is less likely to stick to glass that’s had rain repellent used on it.

What else can be treated with rain repellent?

They don’t just work with car windscreens. You can apply them to any glass surface. Reversing cameras are essential on modern cars, and poorly designed ones can muddy quickly. A quick spray of rain repellent can keep them cleaner for longer.

It can be used around the home too. Rain-x even recommends using its products in shower doors.

What to look for in a rain repellent

The first thing to look for is beading. Watching rain zoom straight off your windscreen is satisfying and safe. You should also watch out for applications. There are three main options – spray-on, roll-on and applicator.

Durability is the final one. It often increases with price, so you need to pay attention to that.

The best rain repellents 2023

Soft99 Glaco Roll-On

This novel roll-on is simple and quick to use. Just squeeze some repellent onto the foam pad then smear it across your windscreen. Then simply leave it for 10 minutes before wiping it with a microfibre cloth. It should last at least two months too.

Autobrite Direct Vision +

The original purpose of this product was to clean the visors on motorcycle helmets. But today, its hydrophobic properties are making it a powerful repellent with some serious water-beading properties. Works wonders with debris that can splatter on your windscreen too.

Gtechniq G1 Smart Glass

Great value and impressively durable total windscreen protection. It works in two stages – apply the solution, allow a curing time, and then add some residue remover. Gtechniq recommends not getting the glass wet for 12 hours, which is somewhat annoying, but it should provide you with 20,000 miles of protection. This is the longest of any rain repellent we’ve seen.

EZ Car Care Lotus

This is simply one of the easiest repellents to use. It requires no buffing or curing, but will still break down the worst of what British roads can throw at it. It’s a little bit smelly, but it offers decent durability considering there’s so little effort involved.

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