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Huawei’s HarmonyOS selected to run Volkswagen cars in China

Volkswagen is in talks with Huawei to bring HarmonyOS to its cars sold in China. Customers in China generally favor home grown products and HarmonyOS is a perfect match. 

HarmonyOS emerged after the US ban is gaining more track with every generation. Despite the US ban, Huawei was able to continue using Android due to its open-source Linux nature. The platform can run on phones, tablets, wearables, computers, wireless earphones and cars.  

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HarmonyOS already comes installed in some cars sold in China such as the Aito M5. Huawei’s smart phones are still popular in China, and they all use HarmonyOS. 

As per one of the sources, VW is also open to other partners besides Huawei in China. The firm seeks a long-term partner in the country, but the phone maker still figures on the top of the list with HarmonyOS. 

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Dennis Mathu
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