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Jeep starts testing off-road Autonomous Off-Road Driving Tech

Automakers are all competing to develop self-driving systems that will transport people with minimal effort. Meanwhile, Jeep, true to its roots, is exploring autonomous technology for off-road driving.

Jeep has been testing its advanced driving tech in Moab, Utah, using two hybrid Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe models.

“We are tackling these challenges that are in some sense greater than what you experience in on-road autonomy,” said Neda Cvijetic, Head of AI & Autonomous Driving at Stellantis – Jeep’s parent company. 

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A video of two prototypes tackling trails in Moab was posted by the automaker. The two Grand Cherokees are seen covered in cameras and sensors and driving with no driver at times. The company is keeping details about the autonomous system under wraps for now, but a full reveal is planned later this year.

An off-road autonomous driving system would most likely face fewer regulatory difficulties than technology intended for use on public roads. Furthermore, the autonomous system could be valuable, especially if it is capable of unsticking drivers from complex situations beyond their own capacities. 

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