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What to Look for When Buying a Car GPS Tracker: A Beginner’s Guide

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With rapid changes in the digital sphere every passing year, many apps and software have become our necessity due to their increasing relevance. GPS trackers are one such thing of the present times, the importance of which cannot be overlooked.  

With the ability to track your vehicle through the GPS map, GPS trackers provide live updates of your vehicle’s movement. Whether you want to track the movement of your loved ones moving in a vehicle or want or keep real-time updates of your large fleet, a GPS tracker is the solution.  

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Now, if you are looking for a GPS tracker for your vehicle, there are a lot of factors to consider before you buy, such as the types, cost, functionality, and performance. So keep reading as we discuss the important factors when buying a GPS tracker. 

Before we get started with it is imperative to understand what a GPS is. 

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What is a GPS Tracker?

It is a technology used for tracking the location of specific objects; it’s applied to whether it is a non-living object or a human being. If you place them in your vehicle, it will track the exact location of your car and will keep you updated with the vehicle’s performance and driving patterns. 

GPS trackers are handy, popular, and seen almost everywhere, from armed forces to SMBs. Now it has become an essential part of daily life and is used by most people and organizations to make their tasks more accessible and efficient. It has also been upgraded with an instant alert system and an anti-theft facility for emergencies.  

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Types of GPS Tracker

As mentioned above, the GPS tracker is for vehicles and has three categories, which we will discuss in this section. Let’s move on.

Vehicle tracker

As vehicle theft has increased over the years, theft prevention is not just a feature of this device. It provides protection and ensures the safety of vehicles and people. Some school management uses the vehicle tracker for children’s safety. Parents, children, and other organizations also use it. 

Asset tracker

This tracker is not only used for vehicles but also used for valuable assets. It is a safety measure for those valuable assets that must be delivered somewhere, and they are smartly designed not to hinder the delivery process.

Personal Tracker 

They play a vital role as a private tracker because, with the help of this device, it is now easy to track babies, children, and vulnerable older people. It is small in size and handy enough to carry anywhere. It includes an SOS button, which alerts the tracker in an emergency. 

It can be used as a virtual perimeter and has a fantastic feature that alerts the tracker if the user leaves or enters any predefined area. Specifically, it is an excellent feature for pets and small babies who cannot care for themselves. 

How does the GPS tracker work?

The GPS tracker works on the basis of GPS service and is sometimes also based on the Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS). The tracker works through the network of satellites using GLONASS if we use the device for a wide range. 

The GLONASS transmits the microwave signal within the web, and the time duration the signal takes to be received determines how far it is from the satellite. So, according to this process, a GPS tracker can show you the exact location of a vehicle or any object, no matter where it is. 

Tips on what to look for when buying a GPS Tracker 

A great option is a GPS device to protect your vehicles and maintain peace of mind. But looking for a suitable GPS Tracker when buying it is essential. This section will discuss what to look for when buying a GPS Tracker. 


While buying the GPS device, you will first have to check the device’s compatibility with your car model. It ensures you can use all the features without any trouble and collect all the information it promises. It also ensures the device does not negatively affect your car’s performance. 


Secondly, you will have to check the level of security within your device because the device collects a ton of data about your car’s location and lots of personal data stuffed into the car’s application through the server, which is extremely sensitive and requires absolute privacy. So, the vendor should provide a data encryption facility to secure the entire data transfer process.

Monitoring capabilities 

You can monitor your GPS tracker via your smartphone. The GPS tracker you choose should be pre-configured to upload its location to a web-based tracking platform and ensure any internet-enabled device can access the uploaded data. Your device should have web tracking, a mobile app, a Geo-fence zone, and route history features. 

Offline connectivity

While purchasing the device, make sure it offers offline connectivity. It can trip the data logged without an internet connection for a specific time and transfer all the stored data to the server as the connectivity resumes. 

Data refresh rate

Your device’s time latency should be low to frequently refresh the data points and provide you with real-time information. If your device’s refreshing rate lasts a few seconds, you will get the information soon and react accordingly. So, to get real-time information, you need to check the data refresh rate.


You must lastly check the reliability and quality of the device because low-price car GPS trackers are also available. Those devices will not adhere to high-quality standards and are also difficult to repair or replace. So, choose a reliable device for yourself. 


In conclusion, knowing the tips for the judgment of the right GPS tracker is essential. You must keep in mind all the fundamental functions of the device. 

A GPS tracker helps store the location’s data and is accessible through your smartphone. It may help you to handle your small babies and vulnerable elders. By now, if you have come to a decision to buy a GPS tracker, then check this review on Tracki GPS, that’s one of the best performers in the market. 

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