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10 Amazing Scanning Apps to Conduct Document Business on iOS

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Scan your documents with ease and clarity using advanced document scanner apps for iPhone. Enhance the legibility of your documents with features like editing, cloud service, and OCR. Whether in class or on the go, keep track of whiteboards and blackboards with ease. Plus, scan multiple pictures simultaneously for maximum efficiency. Say goodbye to the hassle of scanning documents to PDF or other formats; download the best scanning app for your iPhone today.

How to manage business documents on iOS? Top 10 apps

#1 Adobe Scan

Looking for a scanner app that does it all? Look no further than Adobe Scan. This powerful app allows you to quickly scan documents, receipts, business cards, and more into high-quality PDF or JPEG files. With built-in Optical Character Recognition technology, every detail of your document is captured with clarity and sharpness.

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But that’s not all – Adobe Scan also allows you to edit your scanned documents with ease. Crop, rotate, resize, and erase with just a few taps on your screen. And with the ability to save your scans to the Adobe Document Cloud, you never have to worry about losing your valuable data.

#2 PDF scanner app

If you need mobile scanning apps, then this option is ideal for many reasons. This document scanner works great with all kinds of documents, from ID cards to receipts, text sheets, and even documents with custom designs. The second purpose of the application is a PDF converter. This means that after you scan docs, you can convert them to TXT or JPEG. The scanner app also has a basic editor that allows you to merge pages into one document. All you need to start experiencing the benefits is the iOS app download link and we’ll help you with that. The service has many more advantages and features that are aimed at providing comfort, including fast sending, efficient management, and data protection systems. He can rightfully be considered one of the best.

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#3 Stock Document Scanner

Looking for a simple and efficient document scanner? You’re in luck! iOS has a built-in scanner that gets the job done in no time, without requiring extensive training. With automatic border removal, scanned documents are immediately ready to be shared. And if you prefer full control, you have the option to customize the scanning process. It’s no surprise that this tool is considered one of the best for scanning documents on your iPhone.

#4 Genius Scan

Genius Scan is the go-to app for document scanning on your iPhone or iPad. With powerful features like shadow removal and distortion correction, you can produce high-quality scans in no time. The batch scanning feature is a game-changer when dealing with multiple documents, ensuring quick and clear scanning. In addition, you can create multipage PDFs and export your docs through popular services like Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox. Trust Genius Scan to be your reliable document-scanning app.

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#5 Microsoft Lens

If you’re a Microsoft Suites user, you should definitely check out Microsoft Lens. This app provides a straightforward scanning interface that’s easy to use. Plus, it lets you export your scanned documents as Word or PowerPoint files.

For students, Microsoft Lens is the perfect scanning app. You can quickly scan whiteboards, handouts, and annotations, making it easy to reference important information later. Best of all, the app is free to download, but there are in-app purchases available if you need access to advanced features like cloud export.

#6 QuickScan

Looking for a document-scanning app that fits your busy lifestyle? Look no further than an on-the-go scanner. With just a tap of a button, you can instantly convert any document into a PDF or JPEG file, perfect for printing or sharing. And if you have multiple documents, don’t worry – you can combine them into one easy-to-use file.

#7 TurboScan

Get top-notch scanning quality with Turboscan’s user-friendly interface. SureScan captures three consecutive scans to guarantee the best image while enhancing perspective correction and edge detection. Seamlessly integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud, and choose between freemium and premium versions to suit your needs. Experience the ultimate scanner app for your iPhone now!

#8 CamScanner

Looking for a one-stop solution to save time? Look no further than Cam Scanner. This app comes equipped with OCR technology that automatically reads and converts image text into a text document, making document scanning faster than ever. In addition to instantly scanning and saving documents in multiple formats, Cam Scanner allows you to invite others to comment on your scan and password-protect the app. Plus, with 10 GB of Cloud Space and the ability to add 40 collaborators, you can easily share documents with colleagues. While there is a price to access some of these features, it’s worth the investment for this user-friendly scanning application.

#9 Evernote Scannable

Need a document-scanning app for your iOS device that’s fast and accurate? Look no further than Evernote Scannable. Although it’s not loaded with every feature imaginable, it provides quick and precise scanning capabilities. Better yet, Scannable automatically eliminates extraneous sections of scanned documents and improves image quality, resulting in crisp, legible files. Streamline your scanning process today by giving Scannable a try.

#10 Tiny Scanner

Simplify your scanning process with the Tiny Scanner app for iPhone. With a lightweight design and professional filter options like Black & White and Grayscale, you can quickly and easily scan, save, and share your documents in PDF and JPEG formats. Plus, Tiny Scanner offers a watermark feature to keep your documents secure. Upgrade to access Batch Scannings, Cloud Services, and other premium features. Get started today and enjoy hassle-free scanning!


Scanning documents using your smartphone is now more effortless than ever. Whether you require a simple scanning app or a more complex tool, there’s an app that suits your needs. Our list of the top 10 document scanner apps for iOS is a great place to start your search. Wish you luck in finding the ideal app. Enjoy scanning with ease!

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