YouTuber’s Incredible Creation: Giant 8-Foot iPhone Captures Photos and Boasts Full iOS Functionality

YouTuber's Incredible Creation: Giant 8-Foot iPhone Captures Photos and Boasts Full iOS Functionality

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max currently holds the title as Apple’s largest iPhone model, boasting a generous 6.7-inch screen.

However, it seems that even though it’s the largest iPhone from Apple, it doesn’t hold the record for being the world’s largest. Matthew Beem, a popular YouTuber, has recently garnered widespread attention by constructing an enormous iPhone that measures a staggering 8 feet in height. What’s even more astonishing is that this colossal creation actually functions just like a regular iPhone.

Matthew Beem took to his official YouTube channel to share a video showcasing the process of building this gigantic iPhone. With the help of his team, Beem meticulously crafted the colossal device, surpassing the previous record set by YouTuber ZHC, who had constructed a 6-foot iPhone in 2020.

In the captivating YouTube video, Beem details the step-by-step construction of the iPhone replica.

He began by constructing a sturdy metal frame as the foundation. Then, he painstakingly replicated the iPhone’s design, ensuring that the surface had a matte, reflective finish and functional buttons. To create the display, Beem and his team installed an enormous screen featuring touch panels commonly found in TVs, allowing the giant iPhone to operate similarly to a standard iPhone display. They even positioned lasers around the screen to enhance the seamless user experience. The massive TV display was then connected to a Mac mini, enabling it to run the same apps typically used on iPhones.

Once the construction was complete, Beem took his colossal creation to the bustling streets of New York, showcasing its functionality to the public. He used the giant iPhone to capture photos, record videos, play games and even make payments using Apple Pay. Notably, Beem even initiated a FaceTime call with one of his viewers all the way from India. While the enormous iPhone undeniably captured the attention of passersby, fans of iPhones eagerly await Apple’s upcoming lineup of new devices, ready to discover the latest innovations from the tech giant.

The latest leak pertaining to the upcoming iPhone 15 series suggests some intriguing updates to look forward to.

One notable change is the replacement of the traditional mute switch with a new button, as depicted in images of a protective back case. This new button appears broader and more rounded, hinting at the possibility of offering multiple functionalities, potentially including camera control. The leak also suggests an upgraded camera setup, with a more prominent camera bump, promising improved photography capabilities.

Moreover, the iPhone 15 series is expected to feature thinner bezels, presenting a sleeker and more immersive display with increased screen space. In a departure from its Lightning port, Apple is reportedly adopting a USB Type-C port, aligning with the current standards set by the EU. Furthermore, the entire iPhone 15 series is anticipated to incorporate Apple’s Dynamic Island feature, characterized by a punch-hole display, a feature currently available only in the Pro models of the iPhone 14.

In terms of performance, rumours indicate that Apple may introduce its new Bionic A17 chipset in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models, promising enhanced speed and efficiency. While an official launch date remains unknown, it is highly likely that the iPhone 15 series will follow Apple’s customary release pattern and make its debut in September, bringing an array of exciting features and improvements to Apple enthusiasts worldwide.